"the manatee eats and shits"

Fat and disgusting,
the manatee eats and shits
with endangered grace.

Choreographed fits
awaken society
to its slow decline.

Politicians race
to win the seat but forget
how to act like men.

Why isn't there a
sociopath filter built
into the system?

"Flung her onto the Manatee instead."
Rajat Narula 

The golden grove swayed invitingly
Quietly goading the furry Squirrel
Into its sun kissed lair
Even as the Butterfly danced rings
Around its twitching nose and whispered
Of emerald leaves, until a honey laced gust
Merrily carried it to its home in the hills away.
The carefree Squirrel then pranced from pebble
To earth and earth to rock till the lusty Ladybird
Newly engendered, leaped on its swishing tail
And throatily sang of the passion in the hearts
Of blueberries, ripe as they be in spring
Before the steadfast Squirrel with a hasty dash
Flung her onto the Manatee instead.
Hurrying from branch to branch the anxious
Squirrel now flew past the restful Owl and in its
Haste to exit these worrisome groves
Rent its gleaming hide but carried on
Without wavering, its angelic face a
Picture of consternation while its melting eyes
Shone with joy and pride.
Finally slowing down, the shy Squirrel circled
The pristine pond, twittering to itself
When suddenly the myrtle bushes parted and out
Popped a Doe-Squirrel, cheeks flushed with
Adoration, and then the stars grew brighter
Carefully swallowing their passion, while I,
Solitary Reaper, still searched for my love in the woods.

"Yet you were like the warm belly of a manatee"

The shouting face of the sea
Ravages rocks on the toes of the beach
Seashells glued to glass
laminate the reflecting rays of the baking sun  
A pebble preaches to a mountain
Underneath an electric dream
Galvanize my heart,
It needs a jump-start
Stuck in a frozen tundra of fallacy
Chasing broken tragedies
I told her
I tried
Nothing seems to change the mind
So I guess I’ll have to lie
Praying a lion’s smile
captures her immaculate eyes
But my summer’s luck lacks the ability to clear cloudy skies
Now I am alone in a misty meadow
With taciturn trees
Yet you were like the warm belly of a manatee
And I was a calloused heart  hoping for a remedy

"   a fat manatee, and I will finally"
Marty S Dalton 

There are not enough
   poems about manatees
If you are interested in human
   rights being kicked like a dog
   and justice being dragged
   through mud, you can find it
If you are interested in love
   that aches with a “burning
   heart” or a “bleeding soul”
   you can find it
If you are interested in death
   that holds out its hand
   to you like relief, or takes
   one too early, you can find it
But where, I ask, do you find
   a badger in a turtleneck?
Or a cup of coffee that doesn’t
   sound so self important?    
If you’re interested in the
   ocean or the sea or maybe
   a single “crushing wave
   of emotion,” you can find it
If you’re interested in God
  dying to save you, or God
  abandoning you to the darkness
  you can find it
If you’re interested in athletics—
   especially running towards
   dreams and horizons—and
   losing and winning, you can find it
But where, I ask, do you find
   a good left-handed centipede?
Or a wonderful, ice cold beer that
   doesn’t turn into alcoholism?
If you want to find a poem about
   how the “gray rain spills from
   the clouds like the pain”
   you can find it
If you don’t want to find a poem
   about rain you’ll still find it
   (cause those rain poems
   are everywhere)
If you’re looking for a poem
   about regret and forgiveness
   and cruel mercy making false    
   promises, you can find it
But where, I ask, do you find
   a barbarian ballerina?
Or a cigarette whose smoke doesn’t
   outline the shadows of a lost soul?  
Show me these things, show me
   a fat manatee, and I will finally
   take a deep breath and smile

Arataikii Aug 2014

It's early,
And yet I see the faint glimmer of the future,
It's undulating just over the horizon like a sea cow;
Adorable and ignorant.
A heavy beast, capable of violence,
And in need of protection.
I hope I have the strength.

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