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tiny alcoholics fly around my bar
wherever there is open wine
you know they are not far

a dripping tap they come to drink
they are gone and then you sigh
then they fly out of the sink
you don't know what else to try

they cheers their tiny little hands
drinking right out of the tap
buzz your face and make demands
so you make a small fly trap

a little sugar rehab for these tiny pests
they fly in and take a sip
and act like their your guests

and then they fly right out
like the trap was never there
as they fill their little snout
and fly off without a care

flying crooked on a breeze
then right into the bottle,
just as bold as you please
and completely at full throttle

they drink and drink until they die
and drown right in their beer
I hate them so I will not lie
I do not shed a tear
Contained in this shell I wear
a spirit vibrant without a care
sparking energy flying about
you can see it when people shout
some energy good, and some is not
we all use it, it's what we've got
that's what this skin we wear is for
or energy would spill out even more
but you can see it uncontained
in a person who is unrestrained
a flaring temper bursting wild
a screaming and unruly child
or a bright and beautiful soul
which to be one, is all our goal
for inner peace to shine bright
to win this often evil fight
this world tries to taint your fire
distract you from your true desire
to know who you are at the core
and live at peace forevermore
ripping sound like no other
a baby laughing at it's mother
tinkling bells like drops of rain
then for a moment it starts to wain
intake of breath here comes the sound
like a little toy that needed to be wound
biggest toothless little grin
drool is dripping down the chin
bright blue eyes full of light
this baby will sleep well tonight
no other sound can bring such joy
as from a parent's girl or boy
Polkadots of leaves above
belie the tangles of Your love
below the vines stretch all around
and thick wet grasses fill the ground
a flower there, dew catches light
a fluttering bird takes it's flight
the river constant in it's flow
the soft sunlight a warming glow
nature is a living hug
sent to us from God above
Dear God, why are you so far away?
I'm a tiny speck in a sea of fear
can't you help me out today
or will I always be stuck here

Dear God, when will it all make sense
nothing seems to work out for me
I'm anxious always and so tense
I feel invisible don't you see?

Dear God, I'm still crying out
are you deaf I'm in so much pain
my voice is hoarse I scream and shout
I feel like I am going insane

Dear God, giving up is all I can do
because you just aren't listening
are you even real? give me a clue
my faith needs some conditioning

Dear God, I'm back, I couldn't do it
I wanted to give up but I know you're there
I went out to the forest just to sit
and I saw your handiwork everywhere

Dear God, it's me I surrender to you
I tried to figure it out all on my own
I was petulant and angry this is true
maybe I needed to change my tone

Dear God, thank you for all you have done
I don't know if I'll have victory here
but I know that with Your love I have won
to me that's been made very clear

Dear God, I feel your love's embrace
I know that you are listening to me
I trust in You and rest my case
I know that someday I'll see clearly


Dear Child, I'm happy for your trust
I only want what's best for you
I give you the answer that I must
If you could see everything that I do

He is always there for us, always listening, and loves us no matter how we act or what we do. He does reward faith, and He also rewards persistence. Trust in His love, and ask things according to His will, and He will give you the very best. Even better than anything you could have asked for. This is my 100th Poem, and it's dedicated to the love of my life, God.
Fearless Aug 10
holding my breath, I wait, restless
every nerve ending in my body tingles
just on the verge, something is going to happen
I can feel it in my finger tips, my toes, my being
Mind racing, and spinning, I wander in circles
past thoughts I have already thought before
I feel suspended over a boiling pit
thin, fraying strings hold me from danger
I feel locked, behind a puzzle door that I cannot solve
I wander through the dark, misty endlessness
Tricky little hints of answers nip at me from the unseen dark
frustration spikes within me, lashing out at others
like I have porcupine skin
falling, falling , falling I land ******* my knees
in a pond of my own tears, growing deeper
it threatens to drown me in hopelessness
finally, a pin point of light, catches my attention
blue, reflecting through the water, a word
Fearless Aug 8
A little boy stood on a stool
he looked up and asked, Daddy, what tool?
that one, he pointed to a little red heart
but dad, that won't work to rip this apart
I know, but we'll need it 'cause this will be tough
ok, but I just don't think it will be enough

A little girl stood next to the kitchen sink
well, mommy, what ingredient next do you think
this one, she pointed to a little red heart
but that will make this separate apart
I know, but you just need to trust your mother
but mom, that ingredient doesn't fit with the other

A young man stood and was punched in the face
later dad asked, what tool did you use in this case?
this one, he pointed to a little red heart
but dad, I just wanted to rip them apart
I know, I told you that this would be tough
ok, but I still don't think it was enough

A young woman stood and was called weak
she came home and mom asked, with what did you speak
with this, she pointed to a little red heart
But mom, it felt like they ripped me apart
I know, I told you to just trust your mother
even when turning one cheek and the other

A man stood and waited unnerved
thought of dad’s tools, the purpose they served
he knew that the tool for this job was his heart
even if it ended with it all torn apart
he knew that this job would sometimes be tough
but he knew that his heart in the right place was enough

A woman walked full of nerves, a smile on her face
she knew what ingredient to use in this case
she knew the ingredient was her open heart
and she hoped it would never get torn apart
she had trusted and listened to the words of her mother
now it was time to give her heart to another

A mother and a father watched their children with pride
as one gave away and the other accepted a bride
they hoped that the lessons they’d shared were used
that those little red hearts were never abused
and so they watched as two hearts became one
the next step of the journey had just begun
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