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Fearless Sep 15
I traveled round the world
to study love and fear
and took it upon myself
to write about it here

first I studied love
'cause I fell for this bloke
then I was afraid
and thought love was a joke

then I studied fear
because it gripped me so
it followed me about
wherever I would go

I ran and ran and tried
just to get away
but it was always there
like it was here to stay

then one day it happened
while searching for the cure
I realized how to get it
that feeling that was pure

confident and brave
and no longer afraid
there's nothing in this life
that I would ever trade

I know it will sound simple
it really is quite odd
love will cure your fear
when you accept that you're not God
Fearless Sep 10
Once upon a time
we worked on a boat
I just mostly cleaned
while you kept it afloat
I never would have thought
thinking way back then
how lucky I really was
to have you as a friend
came to see me in Seattle
when I was all alone
and you always answer
when I text your phone
lending me your car
cuz I was walkin in the sun
and dinners out were great
talkin to you is always fun
you probably find it annoying
that I made you read a rhyme
so go drink a *** a coke
and don't forget the lime
Fearless Sep 5
2 years gone by, since I sat here with the dead
back then, I could not get you outta my head
drove by the Battery where I used to run
when I was depressed, while you had your fun
you liked that girl, but it's all just the same
you want their attention, it's just a dumb game
I'm over you, and you don't even know
because you're in a cycle and you'll never grow
you're like the dead that are locked in these graves
you don't know Him, the only one who saves
you try to rescue these girls from themself
by hoarding up money and using your wealth
then you complain that their after your money
well, what do you expect with that attitude Honey?
but you can't change them or save them from fear
because you're not God's gift to women my dear.
I will say this though, I pray for you each night
I hope you escape from your endless fight
I hope you come to understand what is love
it's a gift filled with joy and it comes from above
Fearless Sep 3
Drive down the dirt road
In my lifted grey truck
I steady my shot gun
and aim for that duck
big pond on my left
and a field on my right
black eye a bit sore
from my big fight last night
pullin the trigger
I laugh at my luck
as down she falls
that beautiful duck
Pirate the dog
jumps out of the back
he's off like a shot
put my gun on the rack
duck in his mouth
he comes back with joy
and I pat his head
cuz he's such a good boy
back in the truck
and we ramble on
there's no tellin' at all
how long we'll be gone...
Fearless Sep 1
Why am I anxious, no I don't know why
the spinning thoughts, they make me cry
Not good enough, the devil's own lie

Filling your mind up with all of this stuff
making you feel like you're never enough
TV and social media, making things rough

shut off all the noise and enjoy sweet release
with none of that clamoring, anxieties cease
let yourself make room for God's loving peace

Imbalance comes next, after your mental intake
all that time spent dwelling on a past mistake
will keep you stressed out, and always awake

let it go, it's no more, just push it away
don't repeat it! It's past, and it had it's day
the price not an endless thing you have to pay

One thing that's awful is indecision
this can be an unending prison
a jumbled up mass of creative vision

anxiety comes because you can't control
you try and you try to but it will take it's toll
just make a choice, and then work towards a goal

Integrity's a place where anxieties start
it's when you are not being true to your heart
you'll feel torn, like you're falling apart

put others first and scatter some joy
don't treat others like they are your toy
be patient, and not easy for them to annoy

another thing, is check your intention
don't strut around, oozing pretension
this one is an act of anxiety prevention

you're responsible for the reasons you act
YOU are responsible for the things that you lack
don't be a victim always feeling attacked

watch what you imagine inside of your head
replace negative thoughts with happy instead
or your heart will feel heavy as a bag of lead

Don't stay isolated, it's the worst place to be
it's where all of this takes root, don't you see?
Being alone will drive you up a tree

people need companionship, friendship, and love
and never forget to ask for help from above!
Fearless Aug 29
I'm sad I had to leave you
I hope you understand
I loved you oh so much
your wish was my command
I know you're sad I'm gone now
but you don't have to be
because I know a secret
and I want you to see
there's this place called Heaven
and that's where doggies go
with endless parks and milk bones
I thought that you should know
there also is this big guy
His name is kind of odd
because it's my name backwards
and so we call him God
now you know I'm safe here
where dogs go when they die
I hope you get a new friend
'cause I don't want you to cry
Fearless Aug 17
The day that you were born my life was not the same
because on that day, everything became a game
you can't play games alone, so I'm happy we are two
cuz life would never be as fun, if I did not have you
no one makes me laugh the way I know you can
not my friends or our parents, or my favorite man
we played barbies, rode bikes, and then some hide and seek
lift each other up and help when the other's feeling weak
punched each other in the face, and cried a lot of tears
we had a lot of ups and downs and struggles through the years
but you're the only one that's been there and gets me like you do
and I hope you know that I'm the one that really gets you too
my life has been so blessed because you're in my life
I can't wait to stand beside you, as you become a wife
you're the best thing that could have ever happened to me
being an only child would have driven me up a tree
so have a happy birthday, on your special day
and to your happiness and hope, to God I always pray
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