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Fearless Jul 2021
In the beginning when He created you and me
He only wanted us to always be happy
to have amazing fun, and relationships that last
not to have sins that we're escaping from our past

everything was good when He made it at the start
except for one thing, and that's a lonely heart
when it was all still perfect, nothing had gone bad
He created companionship, so our hearts would not be sad

All the lies you hear, that you are not enough
when things don't go your way, and life is kinda rough
you think He doesn't love you, that He doesn't care
you question whether or not He's even really there

You think you're being punished for everything you've done
but that's the very reason that He sent His only son
if you just accept you're loved, and go about your life
giving love to others, without fear of pain or strife

let God fill you up, then let those walls come down
don't protect yourself with walls built all around
open up your heart, and let them all come in
that will give you victory, that is how you win

the battle of the lonely heart, a paradox at best
push away, but long for love, just like all the rest
we're all in this together, if we could only see
reach out and love today, help change this world with me
Fearless Apr 2021
I'm so angry I cut off an ear!
I'm so sad in denial and fear
I'm so happy and cocky and free
everyone should all be looking at me
walking on water, my faith is so strong
but it never seems to last me too long
ups and downs and ins and outs
smiles and laughter, then tears and pouts
why am I such an emotional mess
do you know who I am? I'll give you one guess.
I'm Peter, the disciple that followed the Lord
Who loved Jesus, right down to my core
hot tempered and passionate, all over the place
but Jesus was patient, love shown from His face
He took an emotional, and hot-blooded dude
spouting off at a slight, and who may have been rude
He saw the potential, strong man I could be
and never once did He ever give up on me
He built his whole church on this foundation
showing us anybody can enjoy His salvation
If your ups are real high and your downs are so low
and you can't seem to be happy wherever you go
if you're out of control and don't know what to do
Just ask Jesus, and He can help your moods too
The name Peter means "Rock" and was given to him by Jesus when he was still an emotional mess, because Jesus knew he would become SOLID! Unmovable, unwavering, unshakable. You can find his story in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. :)
Fearless Mar 2021
I went on a dark and bitter road
carrying with me a giant load
of anger, fear, and huge regret
and things I wanted to forget
relationship dissolved in fights
so I had to book some flights
to escape my mistake
when I had finally come awake
to see that there was no love here
filled me up with giant fear
I spread that fear all around
by air and sea and on the ground
drowning in puddles of my tears
Jesus reached down through my fears
He took my chin and raised my eyes
but I latched onto unhealthy guys
I prayed and prayed and pushed my way
But God said no, so I couldn't stay
this brought me to a choice, you see
do I trust Him or be angry?
I didn't get the thing I wanted
which could have left me lifelong haunted
Instead I chose to have some faith
not to try to play it safe
All the things I've ever tried
and all the stupid tears I've cried
have lead me to this place I see
where Jesus just wants to love me
When He said no, it was for my good
and now I'm in a much happier mood!
He brought me to battles I couldn't face
took me on runs I couldn't race
He put walls up I couldn't climb
and ran down clocks till out of time
so He could guide me along the way
to a beautiful, and happy day
because His plans for us are great
and with Him, it's never too late!
You won't be happy when you win
so you can go right back to sin
you win when you are already happy
I know it sounds a little bit sappy
So praise the Lord with all your heart
that is the first place to start
praise Him when you've got no reason
and soon you will, in it's due season
Thank Him when it makes no sense
especially when feeling tense
He will give you peace inside
so you don't have to run and hide
He fights our battles when we trust
and does whatever that He must
to show His love and abundance too
He wants you to know, that He loves you!
Fearless Feb 2021
He heals the broken hearted and sets the captive free
I know this to be true, because He's done so much for me
I cried I giant puddle, till I had no more tears
some are broken for a month, I was broken down for years
to shut out the whole world, I hardened up my heart
and then I let one in, and he shattered it apart
but Jesus picked me up from the broken place inside
where I had run away, to isolate and hide
He showed me how to grow, and fill the holes with Him
and let go of my past, and turn away from sin
He showed me how to live, and what I had to gain
He took away my hurt and fear and washed away my pain
He put loving people in my life to bolster up my hope
and He showed me happy is a choice, now I don't want to mope
we think that when we win, we'll be happy and be free
but actually, victory comes, because you chose happy
so next time you make the choice to curse God and complain
instead ask Him to help you make something good from pain
Fearless Feb 2021
Valentines for some may mean candy, flowers, rings
attention, love, and laughter, and lots of shiny things
Valentines for others may be a day to dread
the desperate and the lonely, who only want to wed
Valentines for some is a piece of Roman history
but much like real life love, it's a bit of a mystery
Valentines for others holds no joy at all
frantic restaurant workers or a nurse that is on call
Valentines in the end is really just a day
another one the Lord has made, whatever comes my way
Fearless Feb 2021
I know Jesus loves me
It's in everything I see
when I have a bad day
I know it'll be okay
we're here for a time
short like this little rhyme
but when things do go bad
and I find I'm really sad
just take my eyes off this life
and the struggle to be a wife
and know thankfulness is key
then love's in everything I see
Fearless Feb 2021
Seek ye first His Kingdom
and that's when you will find
all those other things you chase
that run around your mind
they really do not matter
this life is but a breath
and when you die at the end
you will have nothing left
but if you seek His Kingdom
and store treasure up above
instead of struggling alone
you can rely upon His love
if you look upon this life
as a foundation for the rest
and work as hard as you can now
in eternity you'll be blessed
We think retirement happens
around when we turn 62
but what if it happens when we die
and we don't have a clue
are we not willing to risk
a few years when old and grey
for an eternity of joy and fun
that makes this life look like one day?
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