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Creepstar Mar 2018
I put my faith into a person.
Can you tell me who I am?
I failed to be who you want.
What's my worth against a gram.

No mirror on my wardrobe.
No tell of how I feel.
I see for hearts yours ain't broke,
Mine,well it ain't steel.

You were my every word,
All words you past me true.
Your every word spoken for,
I saw me,and not you.

So every siphen bell,
For all the things you aught.
So for everything decision ment,
All to me it's taught.

See baby i still love you,
and all that you show.
See too me my baby,
You will always grow.

Still you see our hearts beating

Still you see what we're making

Discion made
Descion ment

All the life we're making.

All I want to see,is you
All I want you to see is me too.

I wish for love and peace my love,
I wish for all and you.
Creepstar Jan 2018
When I bury my heart,
I'll bury it with a mountain of gold,
In the hopes you would dig it up.

What use is there in having more than I can spend,
When I haven't got the one I want to spend it on?

I have achieved everything I could dream of in my career and I have made it my life,
At the cost of my wife,my child,my friends.

When digging holes becomes too much,
Then I'll drink everything I earn,trying to drown out this nagging feeling that I've lost everything,
Buying the cheap way out,the fast way out.

I would sell all but one of my days on earth just to spend that one with you,
But that's not what you want,I'm not what you want.

I'm so tired of not sleeping,of not eating,
Of creating this beautiful art day in and day out,
Changing people's lives covering scars,
Helping them feel good in their bodies,
But never sharing my accomplishments with you has made me numb to the happiness I bring.

When I said forever,
I meant it,
With every fiber of my being I meant it,
I just didn't realise that 'forever' would be me waiting for you until I drown in the poison from a bottle or by the memories left behind.
Creepstar Oct 2017
If the world were to crash and burn,
But for one my heart doth yearn.
Through all the sorrow and all the strife,
I want for nothing but my wife.
I practice much yet saved for art,
My true canvas is your heart.
You are the light in my moments,
Your saving grace my attonements.
You see my dear our love is true,
You for me and I for you.
Creepstar Jul 2017
The sun the moon the stars
The shades of purple between Venus and Mars
The moments should be ours
Not hagared mental scars

The look of love upon your face
The permanence and grace
The outfits made of lace
Love grown strong as base

The fear of loss and doubt
That we could live without
The hard liquor and the stout
The disapproval shown as pout
Creepstar Apr 2017
Hello words of often rhyming syncronistic beauty
Its be a while since we spent any time together but only a minute since I last thought of you
I'm sorry I don't write you as much as I used to
Do you still check the post for my words?
I look for you everywhere
While I eat alone
While I create works of art in skin
In the bottom of that empty bottle
And even in the cold space in my bed before I sleep
But I can't find you and it breaks my heart
Do you miss me like I miss you?
Please come home to me,it's been to long.

All my love,
Creepstar Dec 2016
Do I leave early?
Do I leave late?
Do I hide in my head?
Do I tempt fate?

Am I really scared?
Am I just anxious?
Am I alive?
When nobody thanks us.

When they say they'll be there
Like you were for them
That feeling is rare
Unless I'm in REM

When all of my friends
All follow their words
I wake up,it ends
Like flight for the birds

They take off so fast
Like a stone has been thrown
And like a rock it hits
"I am on my own."
Creepstar Oct 2016
Who are you?
Self professed creatures of the night.
Beg to the moon for something right.
What can you give?
Try as you might.
There is no fear,
Much,as creatures to the night.
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