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ravendave May 2018
after the rain
I see raindrops glisten
on your tender breast
ravendave May 2018
Tell me if you will, dear one,
of what was meant to be-
I did not know the tears you shed
were shining there for me.

When we were young, I held your hand
and whispered in your ear-
but when I looked into your eyes,
your words I failed to hear.

I should have known your heart was true,
and given fair to me-
but now I know no good will come,
no good, for you and me.
ravendave May 2018
I once loved a girl without fortune or fame-
The gold with no glitter-
The pearl of no price.

Her heart was the gem I could not obtain-
The gold without glitter-
The pearl without price.

My heart full of passion, no love in her voice-
The gold lacking glitter-
The pearl had no price.

Today she lies deep in a grave of her choice-
The gold lost its glitter-
The pearl lost its price.
ravendave Apr 2018
He huddled in the woods,
In the trees, in the grass,
Clutching Spring to his *****.

Damaged, cracking, his envy
Frozen in time, he knows
She cannot remain much longer.

The tighter he holds
The more she yearns
For her freedom.

Melting his lust to nothing
With a final lurch
She slips his frigid embrace.

She yawns. She stretches.
She breathes. And we,
The all-too human children

Craving her renewal
Believe in warmth again
And what it means to us.
ravendave Apr 2018
My lover's not so commonplace-
Strong of mind, and fair of face-

She paints her nails, she paints her toes-
Who knows where my lover goes?

The birds fly here and everywhere.
They even nest within her hair.

They sing a song of fated love.
They scatter in the skies above.

When she walks by, leaves in the trees
Whisper her name. Or is it the breeze?

She loves me not. Who is to blame?
She does not even know my name.
ravendave Jan 2018
the winter tree
how it yearns to be
the summer tree
ravendave Dec 2017
your smile
is all the poetry
i crave
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