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VKBoy Mar 2020
O, plebs and gentlefolks
Open your eyes to art
Finger your ears to tune
And lend your hearts to life
For she is on the way
To rock you every way
And rid you of cliche
With her feminal sway.
Have a gander at this wonder
But beware the hunger
O, busy humanity
As you hear my plea of spirity
Through the mandolin of clarity
So you salvage your sanity
Whip your vanity
And let go of mundanity
For hopeful cords are her hairs
Cyanic berries are her eyes
Blushing cherries are her lips
And so good is her smile
The next thing you know
Romance is on the rise.
A song by Yohann Rosenthal, a character of Shambala Sect.
VKBoy Feb 2020
The sun shows
The night goes
The wind blows
The river flows
The flower grows
And the heart knows.
By Lirzod Basha, Shambala Sect
VKBoy Feb 2020
What just happened?
Why does the mighty being look so small today?
Why are your usual bright eyes now shedding tears?
So many eyes deem you ferocious
But who among them could see your heart of butter?
You who once lead a pack
Who put your life on the line for every hunt
Who showed the way for the young ones to walk
Who once believed all the pack members to be your own
Is now roaming all alone.
The sun lost his brilliance out of sorrow
And the winds bore your tears
And the clouds brought rain to hide your heartbreak.
O, great wolf, can’t you see?
The world is wailing after your throes
But it is also wishing you to overcome the tribulation
For who else can if even you can’t conquer your heart?
O, mighty wolf, you may be alone
But you still have the heart of an alpha
So please keep moving forward
And prove all ill-wishers wrong.
VKBoy Feb 2020
Don’t know when it happened
But by all means believe it
A house has been built in my heart
And it's waiting for you to grace
And see the name on the walls
Before the blood washes them away
So please come promptly
And save my little love
Before it escapes the heart
That opens up not for all.
VKBoy Feb 2020
Like every *** has a limit
So does every existing heart
As to the weight of emotions
It can carelessly contain.
So let not the *** overflow
Or the heart over bloats.
Do often share sums of it
With the hearts that lack it
Or you’ll fail to handle
The hurdles God throws.
VKBoy Feb 2020
They come as a dream in the night
And smile like a fresh flower
But beware if you sniff the wrong bloom
You’ll lose some of your beauty
More than just in the face
And it’s only the beginning of your worries
So always be cautious with what you breathe in.
VKBoy Feb 2020
There’s nothing bright
To warm us on this windy night.
So let us not fight
But instead use our smite
To turn this naked plight
Into a cozy ordeal outright.
"When you can’t have everything, you yield and make use of what you have."
- Sinario Vesta, Shambala Sect
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