Rafał 2d
I thought I was in love but it turned out to be ****.
It’s always the same way when I turn to bust a nut.
I felt the butterflies, but I think I drowned them all
In the bath of tea and the sea of alcohol.

How should I keep on loving girls?
All I look for is a bit of a cheap thrill.
I adore your looks and your mimics are so cute
But it goes away when the *** leaves my flute

Now my mind is clear and I no longer starve
I used to be turned on, but now it makes me ****.
Why are conversations always super hard?
Girls barely say anything, I always have to talk.

But I don’t care, got my hand, a box of tissues by the bed
And five minutes later I can finally comprehend
All the subtle needs programmed in my body
That it’s the hormones talking when they tell me to be naughty.
Rafał 3d
I'm too wasted to have a  conversation
And you all seem way too happy!
I should wait for our altercation
Before you get too snappy

Driving up in my sunset high
When the sky is clear and open
When I steer, my thoughts can fly
Like wings that have been broken

Well, I've wrecked my hopes,
Washed away by time
That's the destination "nowhere"
Gonna drive until it rains
Doesn't life seem over?

As I burn the bridges,
I hit the gas and speed up
Like a heart on *******
When they burned the witches
No one begged to differ
Well, I do now and that's okay!

I may be different, I may be worse
But I'm better in my own skin
Get off your throne or I'll wreck your horse
And the empire of all kings
Rafał 4d
Welcome, sir, and get up to the last dance.
Not my fault - you made the choice when you went through the entrance.
Have a little bit of patience, though,
I'm in demand on this masquerade.

Oh, how the lights flicker, see? And the shadows spoil my senses.
That's a tad senseless of you to get on my nerves - offensive...
But I understand the sentiment, you are restless,
Well, I never let you close your eyelids once you drop the curtains.
All the offenses a gentleman like you keeps in his memories,
You are a cancer to the working class.

Your defense is - you desired to be wealthy.
Have a glass of gin, your mouth seems filthy.
The oppression you have built, indeed
Needed  a mastermind, alike to mine
A nine to five would not be fine for us.
The masses abiding us; we even control the foreigners.

Please observe my lovely smile,
This balet - stand on your toes and prance around.
Like the puppet on the strings I have pulled a thousand times.
Are you sure you are worthy to see through my disguise?

Pardon me, sir, henceforth
I'm your conscience, the one you have cancelled
Hidden in the stacks of gold
But the truth is, a soul can't be sold.

Weep, my dear, in quiet sorrow.
For us, as it turns out, there is no tomorrow.
The combination of ***** and alcohol
Is known of being thorough.
All this injustice you have caused
Was working on the time you had borrowed.
The poem depicts the moments before the death of a powerful magnate/dictator who has acquired wealthiness by oppression of poor people.
Rafał 5d
We praise the broken pictures
And hail the holy scriptures
Inhale the superstitions
Stare into shiny mirrors

No matter what your fear is
Let me guide you by appearance
As the place that we live in
Is bleakly mysterious

A mistful satisfaction
I’m shivering from the tension
All by myself I’m dancing
In futile comprehension

Does that make make you anxious?
Under the microscopic lenses
All we are is a fairly transient
Bunch of aliens, barely sentient

Is this a worthwhile desire
To seek for a world to admire?
Is this what I want
Or is my brain a liar?
So I keep up a smile
And it’s been working wonders
Whether I’m feeling content
Or I’m hiding in dark corners
Rafał Jan 6
A friend always told me
To speak when necessary
I took it to my heart for life.

Even when I’m lonely
Of many words I’m wary
Unless I want to show my mind.

Sometimes I wonder, though
How many thoughts I’ve buried
Instead of using them to fight

Now nobody calls me,
Even when I’m worried
Laying awake, all alone at night.
Rafał Aug 2018
Like a leaf in the wind, I whirl around and fly
If I move my wings I might meet you in the skies
Right across the street, drowning in your eyes
Following your dreams or whatever might apply

Close my moonlit eyes, follow into space
Love is a disguise, and you cannot know my name
I live in the stars, right behind the frame
Look into my heart, my dreams wrapped in cellophane
Uncouth gait, do you believe in fate?
Silence in the air as the flower petals fade
Almost like the days, well I don’t follow the dates
And I’m, on the same page, till it becomes my main
Reading broken lines, looping all the words
And I’m breaking time, reversing the clocks
I don’t require a fire if I never had a spark
But, I could use your lighter if I go into the dark
Rafał Aug 2018
Let bygones be bygones,
Don’t want to be an icon,
I’d rather make time
For the things that are vital
I’ve been running on fumes
How I love her perfumes
Kiss her on the neck,
Tell her about the brand new
Don’t get it confused
The apartment’s empty
And I’ve been on a journey
The voices getting blurry
The love has probably perished
The moments that we cherish
Forever as a memory, but

I’m losing track,
I woke up early mornin’
Covered in sweat
Oh, I got a smartphone,
I’m so fond of that
But nobody calls me
And nobody texts
The laptop’s always on
I never turn it off
That artificial light
Always has to glow;
Counting hours till the dawn
And the time is moving slow
I’m forever getting bored
And my interests become torn

But thats the simplicity, though
Thats the simplicity, though
Is the simplicity better I don’t know,
You ask me where I’m headed,
I don’t know.
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