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TR Takoda Jul 2014
for just a few minutes

i’d like to feel

like the only sentient being on the ******* planet

that matters

not to you

but to myself

for ******* once
TR Takoda Jul 2014
The water can heal you, if you let yourself


The chilly fingers of the melting ice caps

will engulf you

making you feel very small

and very afraid

but then

when you erupt from the depth of self healing

you will feel the warm tendrils of the sun-rays

curling over and caressing your skin.

And everything


be okay

once again.
TR Takoda Jul 2014
I’m in love.

With the blue water

Crisp air

Pale skies

I’m in love with the mountains

and the rivers

and the creeks

I’m in love with a life that I never dreamed I’d be allowed to live

I’m in love with

TR Takoda Jul 2014
My voice carries most passion
than the entire rest of my being
If I could but write a song
compose something
so true
and so personal to myself
I could sing it over and again
whenever I feel emotionally restrained
and feel the relief that I have so longed for
most of my days
and every single **** one of my nights
TR Takoda Jul 2014
Deep and dark emotions always creep out at the worst times
When you're trying to sleep
When you're out to eat
Or when you're trying to be intimate with someone you love so deeply
you just might burst
There is nothing romantic about it
The sudden flood of tears
The shaking hands and the clumsy fingers
Foggy eyes can't aim well
with their words or their intentions
Most times it just seems easier to resign into solitude and give it up
throw in the towel
I'm not fit for the human interaction that I crave with my
my soul
my mind
my very skin buzzes with the thought of someone
Someone just as damaged as I am
Someone just as loved as I'm supposed to feel
Someone just as sad
and unwilling to talk about it
The happy little life tinged with the bittersweet tears of healing and the
sad tug of what has been left behind
Nostalgia is clinging to my heels
though I've kicked her in the head a few times
Her bouncing ******* and swaying hips still follow me to and fro
as if hooked to me by an two ton invisible chain
Seductive as a politicians *******,
She is so intent on getting her way that she forgets that I'm the original, and she's the copy.
The cartoonishly overdrawn ideal of who I once was. The love hungry blue heart that had no true place in the world.

But once you've found your place in the galaxy, no earth dwelling ***** could even try to keep you around.
TR Takoda Jul 2014
I want to create
with each breath that I take
I want to bring life into the world
my ideas
are like children
freshly born and wild
ready to run around in circles and sing songs to the trees

my thoughts are like babies
cradled with my heart
nurtured until they are ready to be shown to the rest of the world

the fragility that exists almost solely within the human soul
has yet to be documented in anything other than a psychologists report

your anxiety is out of control
you should calm down
take deep breaths
don't worry so much

*but when I hold the future in the palm of my hand
how can I care less
and not worry about ******* it up?
TR Takoda Jul 2014
I can't write good poetry anymore.

Anytime I sit down and try to pound out a few words that might make someone feel
Any emotion really
Nothing special
Maybe just a small twinkle
Or a twinge
I come up lacking.
My former knack for the typed word has gone out the window.

Along with all of my worries and cares
Don't get me wrong
I still freak out
And cry sometimes
But I'm not sad anymore.

The deep emotions that I felt were unexpressed in the sad little heart of a girl that stopped existing a year ago are no longer struggling to escape from the tips of my brown little fingers.

The words flow as freely as the peace in my heart
Now that I've remembered what they are.
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