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Tree May 2016
My body is a punching bag on display for you,
waiting for your hands to meet me,
when you hit me with the truth, it hurts.
How can you not see the marks you leave on my soul?

Why do you expect me to be the strong one,
when you're the one gaining it all from me?
Wow okay so I may still tweak this in the future.
Tree May 2016
The greatest gift I could ever receive is being yours.
I want to call you baby and let you know how happy you make me.
I want to be able to hold your hand in public and show you off.
I want to be unafraid of the future.
I want you to know I'm listening when we talk.
I want to give you all my love, forever.
I want a definition of what we have.
What we are..

..Because you are my everything,
And I hope I'm nothing less.
Trying to shake the rust off, bear with me.
Tree Oct 2015
Oops, haha! Those were my feelings, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spill those on you.. let me just wipe that off your chest..
Not quite poetry, I don't know, maybe it is in some sort of abstract way.. I just thought it was a cool little play on words.
Tree Oct 2015
I'm trying my best, but it's easy to lose focus when all you can see on the horizon is your world falling apart
Tree Aug 2015
Kiss the parts of me you know I wish I could change,
so that I may learn to love them as much as I love the lips that touched them.
Tree Jun 2015
I want your whispers to echo and bounce off the curves of the goosebumps you give me when you tell me you’d be lost without me. I want the ghosts of your fingertips to trace my body awake each morning, and put me to sleep each night. I want the memories of you to tiptoe around my brain, carefully.. trying not to trigger me, but every once in awhile I want you to let them creak the floorboards causing a few dishes to fall out of my memory cabinet and crash to the floor of my heart. I want you always, I want you to haunt me.
Not the best but I can't stop thinking. I need time to really sit down and write some good things.
Tree Jun 2015
You may abandon me,
but these feelings will never leave.
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