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traces of being Jan 2017
Wondering through
the complex mazes
of the wind,
trying to feel beyond
what I cannot see;

trying to see beyond
   what I can feel ―

The echoes of the breeze
invigorate the stillness

The weight
of a world heavy
expands like the traces
of life lived
packed deeply beneath
jagged fingernails

Lost in the wilderness
of my soul,
a feral wind
abides silently
as I wonder alone
from end to end

...  side   to   side
through a portal
shapeless as the wind

Blinded by a collective
bioluminescent light
rooted deeply within,
intimately touching
crystalline fountains
as the deepest pools
of innate blackness unfold
in the wake

I reverently touch
the inward rhythm
where a heart strong
     runs alone …

feeling its
pulsing cadence
    quake and thunder
    in reach …

Rivulets thrumming across
the burgeoning blossom
of soothing netherworld seas

Washing away
all the memories made
like the shapeless waves of wind
moving the stillness

wild is the wind ... 1. 27. 2017
the answer is blowin’ in the wind
Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Nature's transformation,

As the hills


and glens

are shepherded into

their seasonal

changing rooms,

each coming



Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
I don't like




My mind



like a disturbed



Then I miss



Trouble returns,


Peter J Thomas Oct 2016
Closed at 10am,

With customers outside,

Opening at 12pm,

By then the interest's died.

*Sometimes I feel as a blogger, like a shopkeeper with no customers. It isn't that I want people to buy anything, but it would be nice to have a few folk wander in and browse for a while. We may not have free WiFi, but we could always just talk to each other.......
evermore eyes so bright
they could pierce starlight,
a twinkling wonderment
     of an infectious smile,
the ultimate sentiment
   'pon a captivated heart
  in a tender child's
    earnest devotion of
       unyielding adoration
Meg Howell Apr 2015
Caught between
asking too many questions
while dreading the answers
or never asking questions
& letting the fear of ignorance take over
Meg Howell Apr 2015
I said you were a weakness
I said you were a drug
And you could cure a lifetime of sadness with one of your hugs
I said that you were different
I said you understood
But now I see, you never could
I said that you were truthful
You said you wouldn't let go
But even with that promise
I feel you drifting farther so
I fear that I must go
I don't do little heartbreaks
I do full on emotional lakes
so I take back what I said
every single word
I can move on within time
I'm independent
I'm self assured
Haven't you heard?
I must learn to choose who to trust. Words can drip from the prettiest mouth, and still mean nothing if they aren't true.
gilliandisco Nov 2014
He describes me as a snowflake: whimsical and quickly lost.
He describes me as the first raindrop: fast to arrive, yet just as fast to leave.
He describes me as a scar: carefully placed and forever to stay.
He describes me as a hand written letter: unique and rarely found.
He describes me as many things:
but never "His."
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