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isabella Jul 21
You would think that a broken heart could be mended,
All broken things can.
Or, you would think that it would break further,
Like a shattered mirror.

My heart didn't do either,
it turned hard,
and heavy,
and now my heart is a stone.

When I try to feel, my heart is unyielding,
It was once human but now isn't.
Not mended, but not broken, just

Dead, like the way I feel
every night,
my heart filled with dread.

Dead, like when,
when I'm all alone,
I will peek inside,
allow it to soften a moment.

And then, once the pain and years of being unwanted,
a troublemaker,
a pest,
an outcast,
come flooding back to me,
wave after wave of sorrow floods me,
and I have no choice but to
push the feelings deep inside
where no one will find them.

I can't bear the pain,
that fills my heart
and makes it hard,
a sharp, heavy stone.
Colten Sorrells Jan 2019
what's it about?

the daily grind

evolving one day

at a time

and sacrifices

large and small

to leave my legend

standing tall

not quite divine,


and failure is not


stay out of my way

I'm here to grab

the things they said I couldn't have
let the dogs bark. The lion knows who is King of the jungle
Does anyone need slurs,
from slandering neighbors?
Should it bother anyone,
that people seek after God?

Would it be better, to have
vile people influencing those,
with whom you have interaction
on a regular or daily basis?

What benefit can there be,
when individuals choose to
callously break their oaths?
Are they friend-worthy?

Ideas of no absolute truth
are destructive forces, meant
to ruin our relationship
with the one, true God.

Can anyone really be
hurt by unyielding Truth,
when it uncovers the lies
that people are living?
Author notes

Inspired by:
Psa 15

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By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2016, All rights reserved.
evermore eyes so bright
they could pierce starlight,
a twinkling wonderment
     of an infectious smile,
the ultimate sentiment
   'pon a captivated heart
  in a tender child's
    earnest devotion of
       unyielding adoration

— The End —