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It's  a similitude quite like none other I have composed...

I was like a bird, upon which back there is a burden which limits it's every movement and pull it down everytime it try to take off, yet unable to relieve itself of the burden cause he feared the outcome of laying off such a burden.. It was a Burden of quintessence to him,  for it might make or unmake, destroy or bind the very home it cherished, adored and not ready to give it up for anything not even this burden, but the moment, though it required much audacity needed for a forceful abduction of ..."Donald Trump. From the White House".. he choose the option, to let down the burden.. And now with the God given broad wings and the much enthusiasm from the outcome of the relief, it will take a flight like never before, so high it will put all beholders in wonderment..
Relief,  enthusiasm, burden.
Jim Davis May 2017
Symbolism, metaphor, similitude
whatever for
Why not just come
right out and say it?
been said before!

©  2017 Jim Davis

— The End —