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Ted Feb 23
Moon shadows follow
my every thought,
the cold tags at the back of my heel.
I feel as hollow as a dead oak,
on these nights,
that my heart is pained by the air
that separates us.
only time can expel this void.
faded tarnish and dying neon,
is a haze I lift to my eyes.
Ted Feb 6
one who wanders in thought, that's me
took what wasn't received, that's me
a man alone pulled to the side of the road,
eating lunch from styrofoam, that's me
a woman overcome with sudden painful sorrow,
where the warm streams open, that's me
the broken heart for another childhood summer, that's me
a duck buoyantly adrift on the choppy river, that's me
where the light blue touches the horizon, that's me
the last lines on a page, that's me
lost in the hearts of strangers, that's me
Ted Jan 23
The distant wind is a shadow sound, I've been a castaway before, praying for it's signs.
Tasting it's freshness on my cheeks,

I'm a vessel out at sea now, you an island patiently waiting for shipwrecks.

The purity of the ocean shows a clean reflection,
but a glance of an old lover, is like expanding air,
that will deafen the heart.
Ted Jan 18
Your love poured over me, I was idle while soaking in your every ounce, that seeped into my every pore, 
I became so accustomed to your gift of Life,
  I lost my ability to tread water,
    now helpless as

Ted Jan 7
to search for a lost relic,
one known as a dream feeling,
wandering in a sea of races,
no place of peace found in these lands.
Ted Jan 5
Perfection is beauty left in sight,
the rest lays in darkness,
for knowledge to be it's uncovering light.
Ted Nov 2018
"The Sun still brightens a dead flower, a reminder that things can shine in death.
Dead or alive, both cast a shadow equally as dark.
Forgotten or not, a flower can have new life in the mind."
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