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Mr E Writer Apr 2021
Coastal benches tell a tale
of loves long since past
marriages of yesteryear did not fail
they were surely built to last
each one you sit on or peruse
fill up your heart with hope
love was something you didn't refuse
that's how they learned to cope
the joining of hands in matrimony
was something to adore
to relish in your company
He'd asked for nothing more
surely when they gave their vows
their hearts were to be as one
missing pieces broken now
long gone the spirit of fun
yet here I sit, upon this bench
lost in thought and sorrow
I think of heroes in a trench
lost soldiers of tomorrow
war time sadness for those not to return
a family becomes disjointed
hearts ache until they burn
no longer reunited
Love is worth fighting for, dying for and I miss it dearly. Long journeys aren't always fun are they?
Mr E Writer Apr 2021
April fools no laughs
what prank shall we play this year
another child hurt
Too many people doesn't always mean a better outcome, it often means too many people clambering around making fools of each other and creates easily avoided confusion and dysfunction. Keeping things simple means keeping it real.
Mr E Writer Mar 2021
autumn raspberries
last fruits before winters veil
frost bite wastes nothing
Written as part of a contest and as a reminder of how things once were.
Mr E Writer Mar 2021
shopping mall charging
hope silent in a corner
windows empty souls
Being homeless makes everything difficult, finding a place to sleep, missing family, friends and loved ones, asking for spare change for food and drink is tougher than it looks, initially at least anyhow,   windows have become empty reflections of their usual selves hauntingly enhanced by Covid19. Charging my phone is awkward and strange, I get it done in a quiet corner of a local mall until I'm spotted and asked to leave. Tomorrow is another day...
Mr E Writer Mar 2021
thoughts of diamonds
sparkly imaginations
parallel lives
Times gone by.
Mr E Writer Mar 2021
pied wagtails seek food
rare quiet times suit them best
pigeons rule the roost
These little birds go about their day happily seeking out morsels of nourishment but sadly the trait of shyness goes against them with the adversely more adaptable pigeons around town.
Mr E Writer Mar 2021
sleeping rough freezes
heart, mind, body and soul dies
hope still lingers on
Times are tough right now but I will persevere. A winner won't succeed by quitting but might garner a tiny morsel of love for trying to stay strong.
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