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Diksha Prashar Dec 2019
Stomped when weakest,
Cried in solace of hurt.
Standing where it all begun.
Jay M Nov 2019
Racing about
Scattered here and there
Learning all it can
Then, somehow
Reading a work
So inspiring
A true keeper of knowledge
Hidden among them

Seeking improvement
Of works and self
But so occupied
Barely time for such
In a hurricane of stress
Pressure and emotion
Far beyond itself
The student tried
A deed so selfish
Then reflected
A work resembling the moment
Easing themselves in part
That it was released
But horrified
Of what could have been

Looking up
To their mentor
A keeper of knowledge
Held in high respects
But when seen
At the weakest
Cast away
As one of millions
But the student
To be more than one of millions
Pleading to be taught
To be made an apprentice
No more
No more

- Jay M
November 6th, 2019
Sarah Isma Oct 2016
That's just it
you get it, you get what I mean
but at the same time
you don't
I know where I stand right now
but i just don't know if i can hold up anymore
that all these responsibilities are just a part of life
you said
That we'd make it through together
but that was all a lie
Because I saw you shatter
and break
and fall into pieces.
If the person I look up to the most is actually the weakest
then I'll prove it to you
that from now on I will try my best
to be your strongest.
I had a rough day and I had someone to comfort me when I was at my lowest and he made me smile in my sleep. I didn't think that only then I'd woke up at 2am to find him crying outside my bedroom door. I didn't sleep after that, and I never really found out why I was never there for him, because I thought nothing would've break him. I guess we're all human.
Amanda Mar 2014
to my mother who never cared

i.  Thank you for becoming the woman
    you promised that you would never
ii. I never got all my stuff back, and
    I'm starting to lose myself in the
    stuffed animals and photographs
iii. i don't need you
    i don't need you
    i don't need you
iv. dad still cries and so do i but
     it's alright you never loved
     either of us anyways.
v.  thanks for forgetting my birthday
     and Christmas
     and that you gave birth to me
vi. i don't need you
     i don't need you
     i don't need you

     I don't need you.

— The End —