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Annie Oct 2018
I want to be this
wet white dress
hanging alone on the line,
on such a gentle
Sunday morning.

Why do I want to be this dress
so badly?
Every time I glance it’s way
I’m surprised with the jealousy I feel.
I must be jealous of its peace,
I suppose.

It has no need to do anything
all day long,
except hang there
and sweetly dry
in its own time.
Mida Burtons Feb 2018
i see my life hung out to dry
my memories slowly falling to the ground
my mind losing all colour
leaving behind a shell of the person i once was
slowly i shrink
Poetic T Sep 2017
Where soulless white shades hang.
                             The tempest of breath
Clings around these hung effigies..
Drying them of sweet nectars fluid..
                          Even though evaporated
     the essence of summer lingers.
Faith is not based on
It's based on love
And a sound mind ..
I thank God for the gift of discernment
It gives you great insight
Able to see what is true /false.
Able to test the spirit .
Of doctince .
God isn't  a spirit of fear but of a sound mind
Perfect ;Love casts out fear. .
Donna Aug 2017
the sky burped up wind
a case of indigestion
attacked all of earth


'twas a great day to
dry clothes on rotary line
it acted well mad

I tried hanging up
bed sheet but it wrapped me like
chicken fajitas

my hair got messy
and my dress try to fly like
a bright summer kite

I manage to peg
up clothes but not without a
Jackie Chan back flip

and the pegs didn't
help they decided for an
early retirement

ah well least all clothes
are nicely dried now and smell
of summer flowers

just need to tackle
all ironing , now where have my
mountain boots gone!!
It such a windy day today and I actually did get attack by trying to hang up bed sheet it was totally mad x
Chloe Chapman Jan 2017
Who made you the centre of my universe?
Because it sure wasn't me.
Do you think that I want my life to revolve around you?
like i'm just a planet orbiting the sun,
A pair of jeans in the washing machine
Or flotsam in a whirlpool.
I don't suppose you'd understand,
How dizzy I get,
after a day around you
Or even a few moments.
How I can't keep my balance
And the world sort of tips
till' everything is inside out
backwards and all mixed up.
Except you.
because for some reason
the only stable thing
in this topsy-turvy world
is you.
not really sure how this came out.. critique welcome
Lian Oct 2016
I shower everyday but
It is not enough
I can not be clean enough.
I need to be cleaner.
Cleaner. Cleaner. Cleaner.
I want to be clean and new
But every rinse leaves me withering
It is drying
My skin leaving me
in cracks and holes
My hair is falling out.
I do not remember the last time
I scrubbed every inch of the filth away.
It clings to me.
It has found shelter in me.
It is a part of me.
I want to be clean.
I want it gone.
I do not remember the last time I was clean.
I do not remember the last time I showered.

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