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Darrion Washington
Pennsylvania    "We must become the change we want to see."
Jamiela Washington
20/F/South Carolina    I’m a damaged package but I’m worth it
Kiara S Washington
19/F/Yucaipa, CA    Self-taught writer; My poems are created through inspiration of my emotions, surroundings, and connections.


preservationman Oct 2016
A washing machine that not get the stain out
You may have to use the ingredient called Shout
But on the other hand, your clothes might not get clean
Don’t be surprised if there is no sheen
However, your clothes must be washing friendly with the washing machine
As I go further, you will know what I mean
Clothes that go may not come out being your approach
It might sound like a joke
Observe as I add the words being spoke
If the washing machine doesn’t like your clothes, if will be a reject
This specific machine has its own elect
If that shirt or blouse doesn’t meet the washing machine’s standards, it becomes an automatic reject
This washing machine has quite an effect
But don’t let that washing machine spin as it shakes
That’s an indication your clothes won’t take
The bottom line is washing at your own stake
The washing machine I am referring to has a mind of its own
In fact throughout, it lets it be shown
Also be careful in what wash cycle you use
Now that is an automatic refuse
So much for Kenmore or any other name brand to explore
The washing machine has plenty of offer including ignore
I must reject for now, but I will be back in the future to intercept.
Jojo Oldham Dec 2012
If only you’d done the washing up
I wouldn’t be slamming plates into the sink
Half sobbing
Half seething
Stubbornly burning my hands on water that’s too hot
Angrily scrubbing at three day old tomato sauce
And bits of chips and jumbo sausage that have ?welded themselves to the plate

If only you’d done the washing up
We could have *** later
But we can’t now
Because I’ll be too tired and bitter after doing the washing up
Do you think I like washing up?
Don’t you think I’d rather be sitting on the sofa
Watching crap on the telly
Safe in the knowledge that the sink is empty
The plughole is clean
And the worktops are sparkling
I bet Beyonce doesn’t have to do the washing up
I bet she has a dishwasher

If only you’d done the washing up
You wouldn’t need to call me childish
For getting worked up over something as silly as the washing up
And I wouldn’t be standing here wondering
If you’ll ever really get it
“It’s only the washing up” you say
So just ****** well do it next time
i thought i would do some washing on my washing day
doing what is normal in the usual way
i sorted out the colors and put them in a pile
there was lots of washing so it took a while
then i put the washer on.set to wash and spin
then i got the clothes and slowly put them in  
it was spinning merrily go round and round
then it went on spin and made whirling sound
the weather it was nice the sun was in the sky
so i got my washing and hung it out to dry
it started getting windy blowing really hard
blowing all my washing way across the yard
then i picked my washing up it was ***** like before
it really put me off doing washing anymore.