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WR III Apr 16
I watch as she sings.
Her sound so beautiful.

She becomes lost within the song,
And dances with her memories.

Her voice, their song.  
The song they sang together.

A beat my heart will never forget,
and a dance she will cherish forever.

I see joy in her eyes,
She remains blind to the pain in mine.

A song that cuts so deep.
The hurt it brings she must never know.

I watch as she sings.
Her sound so beautiful.
Antonina Dutchak Sep 2016
You know, my friend, they say:
This world the beaty'll save.
Yes, for sure, it saves,
The beauty of the soul, not face.
I met you two years ago.
You liked one of my friends and she liked you back.
I was in love with you,
The moment I saw you I felt happy.

Happiness is not something I normally feel.
I needed someone to fix me.
You couldn't fix me while you were blinded by her beauty.
I was barely surviving.

Only weeks ago I saw you again.
You got over her.
You came up to me and asked how I was doing.
I told you I'm doing great when in reality, I'm dying inside.

You gave me a million dollar smile.
The hug you gave me lasted longer than it should.
You rubbed circles on my back with your thumb and whispered in my ear.

you are broken, I will fix you

I let you in at that moment.
I had to see you more often.
You kept me going when I wanted to give up.
You helped me up everytime I fell down.

In that moment I first saw you, I knew one thing was for sure.

you are my lifeline


— The End —