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Kamila Salimova Jul 2021
The sun is slowly going down,
And summer breeze glides down my skin.
The moves of water calm me down,
The sounds of sax and guitar strings.

Amazing views and birds around,
I reach some joy and, maybe, peace
And while I stare at rosy clouds
I feel nostalgic bittersweet
Mrs Timetable May 2020
Your brows
If you over preen
Will have to lean
On the likings of
A sharpie pen
In the color coffee bean
Then you will be
A vampire queen
Looking ever so mean
Don’t over-pluck! BLT word of the day preen.
Michael Demian Feb 2020
Live even when you want to die,
When having strength to fight no longer
You set your teeth and want to cry
Because the pain is getting stronger.
When suffering in silent strife
Your spirit is already tired
Of groaning in this jail of life,
And nonexistence is desired.
When you cannot endure your pains,
Do not let death embrace your body.
The blood is icy in its veins,
Its tongue transfixes everybody.
The eyes of death are blank and cold,
They tear to pieces and devour.
Its ruthless hands so strongly hold
The reins of so enormous power.
When seeking peace, on the deathbed
To fall asleep do not endeavor.
Be open-eyed and look ahead,
Face troubles boldly more than ever.
With time the pain will go away,
To heal all wounds the time is able.
But if you choose the death one day,
You will be eaten on its table.
And being breathless, deaf and blind
With ground your body will be covered.
Fight for the life, and to your mind
Its beauty will be once discovered.
Justina Julianna Dec 2019
Every gust of wind invited a sense of peace into her non existent will to pretend she was okay. Stepping outside, the wind blew onto her face, through her hair, through her thick skin. For once there was a slim apologetic figure of beauty in the world. Alive for that brief gust of air, she apologized to the wind. She only felt apologetic to the wind and it was not her fault. Tired of being abandoned, she claims the wind will never leave her to feel uninvited to life's party.
WR III Apr 2019
I watch as she sings.
Her sound so beautiful.

She becomes lost within the song,
And dances with her memories.

Her voice, their song.  
The song they sang together.

A beat my heart will never forget,
and a dance she will cherish forever.

I see joy in her eyes,
She remains blind to the pain in mine.

A song that cuts so deep.
The hurt it brings she must never know.

I watch as she sings.
Her sound so beautiful.
Antonina Dutchak Sep 2016
You know, my friend, they say:
This world the beaty'll save.
Yes, for sure, it saves,
The beauty of the soul, not face.
I met you two years ago.
You liked one of my friends and she liked you back.
I was in love with you,
The moment I saw you I felt happy.

Happiness is not something I normally feel.
I needed someone to fix me.
You couldn't fix me while you were blinded by her beauty.
I was barely surviving.

Only weeks ago I saw you again.
You got over her.
You came up to me and asked how I was doing.
I told you I'm doing great when in reality, I'm dying inside.

You gave me a million dollar smile.
The hug you gave me lasted longer than it should.
You rubbed circles on my back with your thumb and whispered in my ear.

you are broken, I will fix you

I let you in at that moment.
I had to see you more often.
You kept me going when I wanted to give up.
You helped me up everytime I fell down.

In that moment I first saw you, I knew one thing was for sure.

you are my lifeline


— The End —