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Johnny walker Apr 23
I remember you laying In my
arm's and so much I feel her
still,and  the fragrance of her
perfume  Youth Dew drifting
gently through the
The warms and softness of
her body the contrast of rough
against the smoothness of
Helen body against mine to kiss
the sweetness of her
We'd cling to each others bodies
never wanting to ever let go for
the love we had for each and
although my darling gone our
love will never ever
And just like Siamese twin that
were ever separated by operation
for that would surely caused our
premature death for we couldn't
live apart
always and forever, for that's how
we were meant to be, for true love
surely that's what Helen and I truly
had a love that even In death will
never die
Like Siamese twin that just couldn't
live apart, and after Helen past away
the only way I could survive was to
write poetry of her I dedicate all my
time to writing of
Just like Siamese that were never
ever separated joined together
thought our life together for to part
us would have killed us both as It
nearly did to
But I survived through keeping
Helen's memory alive totally
dedication to her to write about
our life together and to make mark
In life for her, and I know I can't
ever let her go for I truly love
Helen and I were like Siamese twins joined together for life, for to have tried to separate
us would have truly killed us bot
AmeriMav Apr 3
No one can see me quite as true
A single coin we two could be
One side is me the other you

Both set on separate sides to see
We're made of same material
A single coin we two could be

Sometimes it seems ethereal
The way we both seem to emote
We're made of same material

Now true sometimes on different note
I'm still consistently amazed
The way we both seem to emote

And when an argument is raised
The way we know the other one
I'm still consistently amazed

When all is said, and all is done
No one can see me quite as true
The way we know the other one
One side is me the other you
Terzanelle form
Nathalie Feb 27
We sat and stared
at the stars
under the pining willows
while the moon beamed
its glorious light on
the world below

Your fingers gently
swept over my hand
and the touch of
your love lingered
on my skin just
awhile longer

I knew in that
instant that our
hearts were joined
and from that
moment on, we
would never
be apart...

RedD Sep 2018
I'm missing you so much tonight S, the memories from yesterday
dance behind my eyes, are locked in my mind, the way you kissed my lips, nuzzled the nape of my neck, traced the curves of my ******* and my body with your tongue setting off a tremor inside
When our bodies are joined it leaves me breathless. I'm addicted
to you . Its the only word that describes this feeling inside and just like all the other times my mind and body are never at peace until
I give it chance. So right now, I'll give it chance to explore those feelings again, alone. Close my eyes, take myself back to
our union, breathless and hungry for each other. Body to body, never wanting those moments to end. What a sight to behold. How you loved me, how I loved you how we became one with each other
It was beautiful. And I will always remember each moment shared. I never want this to end, loving you, wanting you
I want this forever and I hope you do too S
Nathalie Aug 2018
His warm gentle embrace

Comforts her delicate heart

The scent of fresh lilacs

Dally in the air

The mist around her eyes

Has cleared

…and the dew

On her cheek evaporates

As she leans in closer

Into his chest…

The sunrise speaks

In hues of bright yellow

And reds

The seagulls in flight

Dance in pairs

The sound of the waterfall

Soothes the empty spaces

One true love

Destined for all

Which is contained within

Each heart

Invisible to the eye

But felt deep within

We are but channels

Of light and love

For one another

A connection

When joined


That of one …

Monet Echo Jul 2018
When alone
It drifts silently to the dust
When joined
It soars through violent wind gusts

When alone
It is frail, and if pressured, will break
When together
Not one will you easily take

When alone
It is considered extremely light
When connected
They carry an eagle in flight

When alone
A feather is still a unique and beautiful thing
But when united
They transform into a stunning, powerful wing
We're stronger together. This is just a simple analogy of that well known wisdom.
Poetic T May 2016
It was a segment of me joined but never really there.
Having travelled on every footstep but it kept me
anchored below. But all things must at a time
become singular, it felt this time was now.

Time had past and this anchor had become
fainter, I felt weaker with its dispersal from
self. But it wanted independence from a form
feeling it was a servant not a part of the whole.

Awaking in agony as if I had been lacerated
to the core of myself, then I stood up and my
companion had divided its  substance from me.
But all was not as it should be for errors now seen.

Constitution had been unravelled, without this
coupling light had refracted its existence. And
where form was once, now it was devolving into
its basic form that of obscurity dispersing away.

Silent screams echoed through, as shade made a
depletion of actions. Never getting close to its
needed attachment. Instead greeting extinction of
form as they became wisps fading into oblivion.

Those that coalesced and became as singular became
as one. Knew the needing of a symbiotic joining.
They were separated by consciousness but lived
now as one. Inanimate and animate united in life.

*"Just because its beneath you never feel your higher,
From A Heart Nov 2015
I merge clips.
I merge audio and video,
sound and pictures.

That's all I merge;
For fear of disrupting
this natural order
I have constructed.

But tonight I merged
two separate lives I owned
And to my surprise,
things turned out okay.
For once, it's nice not to feel torn.
Yasha Harkness Apr 2015
Tipping sideways
Deja vu strikes
You've been here before
Never this much pain
Metal and flesh
Birthed apart
Grown together
Merge line carries pain
The lightning bolt strikes
You've been here before
Familiar pain
Rippling out from the spine
The one they broke
To remove our broken heart.
i dream of a world where i wasn't fully human
Tiffany Marie Nov 2014
Both of them together is perfect
both of them is amazing
both of them is a secret
both of them are with each other
both of them love each other
both of them have gone through
bad and good times but they have forever
seen that they're mean't to be
both of them together is like a moonlight kiss
both of them are stuck to each other
both of them are in love
both of them will never leave each other
both of them together is just the begging
they go farther then usual
both of them are secretly hiding from
the best of life
both of them will let there love expand
both of them are never leaving each other
both of them are in love and connected
in a special and adoring way
to the people who look at this and my two other poems "HE" & "SHE" This is the third sequence to those two poems
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