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Dolores L Day Mar 2018
Those flowers spill out
Over the sides like your soul spills out of your clothes
Onto the floor in front of me
Where I watch in amazement because you're everything I've ever Wanted to be.
The smoke of your husbands pipe leads the way
Through the door past the kitchen
Into the room where you lay
With chickens and pottery
You tumble out of your chair
And I
Tumble into your arms as if
It was my birthday instead of yours.
I would drive a thousand miles to eat your humus and hear your words.

You have everything I've ever wanted to have.
Teach me.
I will bring you as many tall vases as you want.
Teach me.
I will bring will make you as many flower arrangements as you need.
For Tina
  Mar 2017 Dolores L Day
I really like money, is that a shame?
If you don’t have money, is your boss to blame?
I want to keep my dollars,
I got bills to pay,
Less taxes, more money,
Hip Hip Hooray!
Dolores L Day Mar 2017
I brought you two large pizzas.
You only asked for one small.
You never thanked me.

It made me want to drive home without wearing a seat belt.

You know chicken is a premium topping, right?
I want more validation, even if I don't deserve it.
Dolores L Day Jun 2016
I said I wished it was easier.
You told me you didn't want easy- just me.
It's a good thing you don't want easy because it must be extremely hard to love someone who isn't there... Then again, everything is easy for you.
These poems are absolute **** and I really didn't want to write them but here I am.
Dolores L Day Jun 2016
I miss lusting over boys who didn't want me back.
At least then I had an active imagination.
Now I feel nothing.
Nothing good, anyway.
  Mar 2016 Dolores L Day
Richard K
It has been seven months since I have posted a poem,
Seven months since I have closed a tome.
Signed and sealed, a book collecting dust,
My gilded cage open, now collecting rust.

High School heat gave way to the gentle ocean's wisdom,
My life has taken such a turn, **** no word rhymes with wisdom.
Maybe I no longer have such a need for these words,
When I look back I think maybe poems are for nerds.

Nerds and artists who take themselves too seriously,
And seriously what the **** rhymes with seriously?
But too seriously is not how I have learned to look at me,
I am slowly learning to be ok with being free.

Health and life and joy and passion,
I have opened myself up in a quite painful fashion.
And I must learn to be kind to my past distractions,
I must learn to embrace  how I was divided in fractions.

Fractions that now are becoming whole,
And how beautifully the word whole rhymes with soul.
My soul which no longer desires depressions,
But a soul that is willing to ask these questions.

Love and aching still burst my chest,
The weight of my youth can drown out the rest.
But I have healed and grown in these seven months,
****, I have done it again, nothing rhymes with months.
Thanks to Writer for helping me make this poem. All things considered I am doing alright. Also Im pretty funny.
Dolores L Day Mar 2016
I'm not going to write a poem.
Because I don't want to jinx it.
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