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Ivan Brooks Sr Sep 2018
You can try to shame me
And call me all sorts of names.
You can try to persecute me
And accuse me of false crimes.

You can publically undress me
Parade me around like a clown.
You can mercilessly flog me
And chase me out of town.

You can scam me in transactions
And take away my only home.
You can take away my possessions
And put in the streets to die alone.

You can behave to me like the devil
And speak in an unknown voice.
You can show me you're very evil
And even treat me like a sacrifice.

I'll someday again rise and shine
I am unbreakable, I'll survive!
I'll live to tell my children the story,
And testify and speak of God's glory.

She travelled,
Trudged the grasses that once were the reminder of the area she's confined in.
Walked through the bleak chambers of her heart that kept her vision captive.
Moved ahead, lancing the haziness caused by the droplets that once traced the extension of her cheeks every now and then.
Legged it, gasped the smoke of her half burnt desires that once was the sigh after her every failed story.
Broke loose from the moonlit vestiges that implored her to get along with the norms she's leaving behind.
And now, when she knows what it takes to reconcile the edge of her lips with her dimpled cheeks, you want her retreat?
Sorry, but she's miles ahead.
Firm and unbreakable.
-Aparajita Tripathi
Do not copy or distribute my work without my permission.
Brittany Hall Aug 2018
The sun has barely risen.
The birds; already signing.
Today is the day I must forget the fact that you've been missing.
I am the queen, I do this on my own.
Never will a peasant tread near my royal throne.
My princess lost her father, but he would never lose his daughter.
We share an unbreakable bond, yours was temporary and weak like solder.
You melt away, never to be seen,
When the temperature rises; we could never be a team.
Send me the blacksmith, a real, strong man.
One who's not afraid to burn his hands.  
Surely he'd know, I can heal his wounds.
How would you though? You left so soon.
To you, the queen will always be Mother.
You have no need for me, a more than significant other.
Today is the day I let it all go.
You'll never forget, that this is my show.
Anne Jul 2018
Our love, far greater than anything we could think,
We were connected, together, we had an unbreakable link,
Our love, so great that nothing could bear it,
Not even the skies nor the stars would be the limit
such as us cannot break
ChildofGodyay Jun 2018
I cannot believe you would say that you would want me to die and not give me mercy.
I won't believe it.
I couldn't believe you don't love me.
I won't believe it.
I couldn't believe you would not be by my side when I am lost when I am confused and broken.
I won't.
I won't believe it.
God bless and have a great day!
Viseract Mar 2018
They said I couldn't make it, said I was worthless
Said I'd be nothing, and left me hurting
But as I rise up to the call
I know who I am, and I won't fall

I'm a glacier, in the middle of winter
I'm a saviour, or so it's been hinted
And though I am cursed and covered in dirt
I rise, unbreakable, with passion that burns
Rileigh Shanks Mar 2018
I’ve experienced lies.
Been terrorized.
Confronted by spies.
Left alone to die.

I’ve been cast aside,
a victim of pride;
unseen by seeing eyes,
a master of disguise.

I’ve been misused,
I’ve been abused,
emotionally confused,
spiritually diffused.

I’ve been lead on;
turned around and he was gone.
I fell for a con
who vanished like the dawn.

Again and again I’ve been disrespected,
beaten down, undone, and misdirected.
I’ve been infected…

Torn down,
tossed around,
on the ground…
I might drown.

But wait! Aren’t I
sold out?
Set apart?
Stripped of doubt
with a sacred heart?

It somehow really, truly doesn’t matter,
not now and not ever. Not one single, solitary ounce.
It seems I’m insane and half deranged like the Mad Hatter
since the first chance they get, they always bounce.

To be fed heaps of dishonest truths,
to accept them with the unadulterated trust of youths,
only then to have your eyes opened to see the light…
Is there anyone out there who understands my plight?

We come into this world full of hopes and dreams,
pure and innocent, unaware of all things mean,
until one day we get cruelly met by malicious schemes
and suddenly our hearts and our hands are no longer clean.

The world comes at us like a predator after its prey.
It bites us and claws us and leads us astray.
It takes us, and rapes us, and has its own way,
not thinking, nor caring, when we’re left bare on display.

We’re taught growing up not to trust strangers,
and the ones at our backs are our friends.
How could we have anticipated the most danger
from a friend whose plastic mask finally descends?

It’s funny how those closest to us can cause the most damage,
because the second we let them in we’re at a disadvantage.
Or how we can feel the most lonely in a room full of people,
as if we’ve been banished for life to a solitary prison steeple.

Undervalued, unappreciated, unwelcome and unwanted;
overlooked, obnoxious, offensive and outcast;
hideous, heinous, horrifying and haunted;
disruptive, dysfunctional, desolate and downcast.

These are the words, the marks, that brand me like cattle;
but hush, don’t speak of them; it’s unwelcome prattle.
Well I’m sick of it, sick of the quiet; I want the whole world to rattle
from my cries of injustice, drawing all eyes to this battle!

I’ve experienced Truth,
allowed it to soothe
every scar from my youth.
I’m living proof.

I’ve been embraced;
the Victim replaced
like toxic waste.
I’ve been given a taste…

I’ve been rescued.
I’ve been excused.
I’m new and improved,
spiritually transfused.

I’ve been bought,
turned around and was sought.
I fell, but was taught
by a Love that burns hot.

Again and again I’ve been selected,
raised up, dusted off, and then corrected.
I’ve been protected…

Made new,
I got a clue.
I’ll give Him His due,
and He’ll change my view.

But wait! Aren’t I
full of doubt?
Failed art?
Foolish and stout,
with a faulty heart?

Even if that’s so, it really, truly doesn’t matter.
My God died to be with me eternally,
and now His redemptive blood covers me in a splatter,
to cleanse and revive me internally.

To be lavished with waves upon waves of the purest love,
and to receive them from Someone so gloriously high and above…
How could it not open your eyes to your immeasurable worth,
and give you insight as to why you were placed on this earth?

We were put in this world to be a light and a joy,
vivid and childlike, unaffected by all things obscene.
And one day we’ll touch someone and teach them to enjoy
this world of splendor and light that was previously unseen.

So next time, when the world is after us like a hunter on the prowl,
we’ll stop it, and face it, and kick it in the jowls.
Because no matter how harshly it screams or how loudly it howls,
we’ll know that its bite doesn’t come close to its growl.

We’ve been taught by sweet Love what we mean to the Savior,
because He shaped us and designed us all for His glory,
and when we grasp this knowledge it changes our behavior,
and this revelation and redemption become our own story.

Yes, it is true that our friends beat and bruise us.
They stab us in the backs, hurt, and confuse us.
But that doesn’t make it right, and doesn’t define who you are,
for the King of all Heaven has declared you a bright, shining star.

Warm, wise, welcome and wanted;
approachable, affectionate, adorable and accepted;
upbeat, useful, upstanding, and undaunted;
rare, regal, remarkable and respected.

These are the words, the promises, that cover me like a cloak.
When I hushed and asked God what He said of me, He spoke.
Now I can’t contain it; something inside of me broke,
And I feel for the first time that my true being awoke.
Rachel Glen Feb 2018
it's taken me awhile,
but i'm coming around.
even though i'm your little bad habit,
you cannot break me.
clawing and digging up,
six feet isn't enough to keep me down.
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