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Rhet Toombs Oct 2018
Intangible strength
Quiet love
Finding new meaning in darkness
A moths demise
Our eyes will speak of more
Rhet Toombs May 2018
And I watched all night as you bled
Never left the side of your bed
What became of this life I had
Too numb to even feel bad
I wanna see your face tonight
Just to know if these feelings are true
So I cried like you were dead
You never showed up
Never showed up
Yeah I watched you just as you bled
Told me everything that you had read
Thought that I was gone past ten
Wanna go through this song again
Rhet Toombs May 2018
I see this birth as death
Memories pierce our grief once again
Your desire
My prayer
Small lights turn the city to blood
How scarcely we envied the sea
Trembling senses make us look further
Find my compassions worth
You speak of leaving
Only the dead escape this torture
And we are still much alive, my love
Rhet Toombs May 2018
This midnight witness now crumbles
A stare that destroys
My scars will remain beautiful through winter
Trespass me
Replace bones with those in the forest
We speak of time
You listen to an images portrayal
This too will haunt you
The chest of this earth is searching for finality
What am I becoming?
Rhet Toombs Mar 2018
And we will search for a memory torn


Two dances

A window kiss and lies are now past wounds

Your form is breathing and fruitful

We hope this void is worth the pain
Rhet Toombs Mar 2018
Angels have now been ruined in mire

Looking to my father

I was supposed to love him

Now sorry for his crimes

A thorn of lightning to embrace my side

Laughable torture

Visceral frustration

I, in my blindness confuse cultivation with love

To have my organs harvested

And my eyes turned to stone

This is what we expect from monsters

A masterpiece of violence

There is fear and anger and nothing else

Now we march to the soul of a salamander

I should have known you were empty

Without awareness, compassion, affection or attachment

Only blind hunger
Rhet Toombs Mar 2018
Watch the sea as a fire empties out into you

You are a walking dream

I pray we find hidden truths to extend your myth

We're finally coming home

With this story I understand a complete hope

A house of red

Second smoke

Falling asleep in your bath at twilight
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