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Ophelia Dec 2014
Every sleepless night, each tear I gave,
All would be worth it if we shared a grave
This doesn't even relate to my life I just didn't know where to go after the first line
  Dec 2014 Ophelia
Mallory Davis
Swept up leaves in the wind
weightless and unruly against their own wishes
now explode with beauty only to
dull and decay like the
fading hearts who turned with the seasons
yearning for the lightness once felt
when all was in bloom as they
wait in the windows for
life again
  Dec 2014 Ophelia
shosho Rea
I want to use all the alterations, Personifications in the world to impress you.
I want to drive you insane with the oxymorons, the metaphors and the similes.
I want to use coliqual words so that I can make you think I'm extremely smart.
When really in reality I'm just average.
I want to use euphemism and lititoes to really make you think I'm that good with words.
When really in reality I have writers block yet I want to capture your attention.
I want to write an iambic tetrameter with the rhyme scheme ABAB so that you notice some part of me in my writing.
I want my words to ****** with your mind so that some part of you thinks about me...
But I have writers block, There's not much I can do to grab your attention.
If only my mind wasn't blank... brrrrrrr
  Dec 2014 Ophelia
Stephanie Lynn
you ask me what it's like to be black
and i'll tell you it's a warm soulful fulfilling feeling
like a pair of new Chucks on the hot pavement jumping scotch on a busy summer day
eating cool iced pops and not ever being afraid
and smelling the warm carmel cake cooling on the stove
and the togetherness on a Sunday evening in grandmama's home

but you ask me what it's like to be black
in america
and i'll fall silent of conversation
because as you see history repeats itself
i don't understand why there is still need for explanation
in deep adversaries and hateful unappreciation
here we stand to be questioned by an authoritative negation

and ignorant folk,
why do you ask me such things?
why are you people mad?
why is it about race?

and i'll ask you, why does the caged bird sing?
is he not entitled to his song or his wings?

as green as the earth and as blue as the sky
i will only explain to an ear willing to listen
to a being with a sound heart and a firm mind
because as God as my witness we were created as equal

and for that given right we must die?

i will sit back and in turn ask you why;
i bet you couldn't say
and maybe we will all learn the answer some day
so join me in prayer will you?
join me as i pray:

to the children of Chicago
who can't go out to play
to the sons and fathers of
Missouri and Florida and New York
who will never again see the light of day
to the mother's pain that may fade
but won't ever go away
to the hateful people and their hateful words and their hateful ways
God won't You heal their pain?

they're so ******* us, Lord
now we're ******* ourselves
and on our knees we have fallen
needing guidance and help
because it isn't about being privilged
or living for the light we're consumed in

being black in america is no longer about being accepted as black

it's about being accepted as human.
(C) Maxwell 2014
Ophelia Dec 2014
Darling I've been here before
I've held these hands,
I've met these eyes
I used to think we could be together
One sweet night was all I got
But it was a paradise
One I'd only tasted in dreams
But now it's just a bitter memory
Of mistakes made and hearts broken
Now you have her and I have me
Yet perhaps not even she has won
You still say you're happiest
Wrapped in my arms
As if it's her fault you didnt choose me
I thought I'd move on
I knew I'd still be broken
But I'd be okay
Well I was wrong
I'm only fine as long as we're apart
And the sun is shining
And I don't have to think
Or feel
A thing
But when I see you
Or her
Or smell the rain
Or choose Orange
Or hear any of our songs
I have to admit to myself
That I am far from recovery

But if I had the chance to do it all again
To turn back the clock, and relive
Those two short months
When nothing came between us
I'd take it
Even knowing how the story ends
  Nov 2014 Ophelia
“You were you,
and I was I;
we were two
before our time.

I was yours
before I knew,
and you have always
been mine too.”

*This poem is not my own, it was written by Lang Leav. You can find it at the beginning of her book:  Love & Misadventure. I thought it was just too cute and pretty not to post
Ophelia Nov 2014
You can take my breath away, I'd rather you have it anyway
This heart was yours to take, now only when we're apart does it break
If you stay a bit longer I might be a little stronger
Hold me for love's sake, it's the only cure for this ache
Carry on for one more day; I swear we will be okay
U,m? This is what happens when I try to rhyme things....
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