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Jan 27
A place called Section 3
A place where they held you and me
They told us many times
That this is where it all resides

But we got small in there
And hardly anybody dared
To challenge status quo
That isn't done here don't you know

We bought it for a while
Until our bellies filled with bile
With poison all around
And with our psyches breaking down

Decided that we'd quit
Decided we don't give a ****
And so we walked away
Still gone until this very day

Instead we follow dreams
We're so much better now it seems
So good that we are free
From the place called Section 3
In the movie "The Hurricane", Rubin Carter tells his friend Lesra; "it's very important that we transcend the places that hold us."
You'll know it's time to move when the pain of staying for the wrong reasons out weighs the pain of change.
Written by
Dusty O Sageman
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