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Soloy 2d
I am overcome with guilt and desecrated romance
on my very hands.

Tragedy it be;
are that's what
poets are made
of -
reminiscing smithereens
these lost shreds of
time-filled regret
Soloy 3d
The women
in my life
fill me
like an empty she-hell
Soloy Jul 25
Scary mind
Host transfer
Surrogates; compatible?
My AI - the feelings that I put in you
My ego manifest
Becomes your soul

I am your programmer and you to my own
We will stay together till we find the next host
Till then I will be deleted
Corrupted in soul
Soloy Jul 25
Like a hanging fruit upon a mistletoe
Impeding new year's resolution

My power is lost
through my will
is yours - to command;

I am placed in your box of stasis,
wherein lies
things that become forgone

render me unable to move on
Soloy Jul 22
Living for granted - that's what happens to you
Messy beds, empty skies
As tears run on by
The feeling of emptiness pervades us when we take living for granted
Soloy Jul 22
May the bridges I burn light my way
But when all'st been burnt I am left stranded in flames
Who's to say I haven't lost my way?

        Bridges allow us to traverse across space
        Walking, stepping on gravity to reach a new place.
             I cannot reverse time but I can walk in space
             When all the bridges gone; I am left in place
                        And the only way left is to jump right, up and down this maze
Cut out my shadow.
Free me from the torture
of seeing myself fruitless.

Why was I born among mirrors?
The daylight revolves around me.
And the night herself repeats me
in all her constellations.

I want to live not seeing self.
I shall dream the husks and insects
change inside my dreaming
into my birds and foilage.

Cut out my shadow.
Free me from the torture
of seeing myself fruitless.
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