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Soloy 1d
Here I lay, empty-hearted.

My hustle has turned me into husk
This husk is filled with the sin of lust
Draining my values, morals, ethics
White liquor leaking
Time freezing

A hustle for no greater purpose
What am I to do with it

I need a goal, a purpose to live like this...
Soloy May 25
Emotional immaturity. Running away from conflict. Giving up easily.

You're too childish and you think life's a game. You've ruined mine, in despair I can't even feel the pain.

I am a sociopath lacking of empathy, self-absorbed, logical, driven by desperation.

I cry tears of death that I have no soul.
Perhaps it's time for go
  Mar 4 Soloy
Astonishingly beautiful world,
the zephyr kissed me
come to play with river mists

you brought the sun in your eyes,
the church sun dial came to now,
coalesced into one,
my world was caught,
between a finger and thumb

radiant morning
I flew your line of sight,
Helios lit my wings in white.
for H
  Feb 27 Soloy
Apostle Of A Star,
Hidden In The Mist And Killed A Fiend In Innocence,
The Prey I Scent It From Afar,
     The Euphony Of Her Screams, In The Distance Of The Hills,
As An Angel When It's Soared,
    Faint As In The Autumn, Blood And Saint Of All The Fallen, From The Heavens To The Shore,
     A Forest Full Of Whispers And The Lake Of Reminiscence,
She Is The Present In Despair,
Left A Victim, Cadaverous,
    My Chosen One,
Forever Resting, A Sarcophagus,
Soloy Feb 27
In the cold of night
Soloy Feb 20
Girls hide behind their illusions
Their beauty that guys see
Falters with truth

And so they hide
Their illusions
Soloy Dec 2020
I don't think I belong in this world
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