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Soloy Jun 2023
Communication a supernova explosion
Soloy Jun 2023
Who enforce your will upon me
Marinating thoughts that deceive you in your sleep.

Silent awake. Keeping it in. Ball of angst.


You leave me broken in the light
While you muddle in the dark

My broken light overwhelmed by your shadow of doubt
Soloy Mar 2023
Arguments every day.
Spreading terror and chaos in my consciousness how long can I keep this up, how long can I delude myself how long can I ...

Or is the emptiness of existence scarier than chaos
Soloy Mar 2023
My meaning in life has been found, yet I am lacking in communication, drive, and the courage to pursue it. Alone in this dream I find´╝î myself, wallowing in dread.
Soloy Mar 2023
Moments of solitude make you realise the emptiness of existence. That which eats up your hopes and dreams. The light seems darker each time I gaze upon it. It seems no longer a guiding light that strives me to reach from the depths of my existence. But rather a torturous dream with no seek.
Soloy Mar 2023
The whole thing is gone. My whole person is lorn. When will I be reborned
Soloy Mar 2023
Just me alone, again
Starring night sky.

Tortured by my own hopes and dreams
What life it is to live
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