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C Cavierre Oct 2017
From up here I see clearly,
the landscape of what we might call home,
I see the millions of lights that belong to multiple lives
in this city

Don't let me be alone,
don't let me fall

From this towering height.

I'm trapped inside my dreams
I don't think I can find the door

Don't let me be alone—

I feel the billowing wind between my toes,
I cover my ears against the cold

Don't let me fall—

I think I hear your footsteps
I think I see your silhouette
But the sound and colors blur

From this towering height—

Break me from this dream
and I won't let go, I'll be all yours

. As long as you're by my side
I can be in towering heights.
Rough but that's fine
Lou Vaughn Jan 2017
There he is...standing in my doorway...
towering...smiling...glistening with confidence.
Is he real? Am I awake?
I have fallen so hard and so deep.
I no longer care where I am or who I am,
as long as he is mine.
Julie Grenness May 2016
I dream of Earth, like a prophecy,
A towering vision of trees,
For climate change, we might,
Create gardens of earthy delights,
To preserve us all from endless nights,
If we don't, we could all be out of sight,
Our atmosphere could disappear,
Nothing and no one left around here,
Imagine forests of oxygen to breathe,
A towering vision of trees.......
Feedback welcome.

— The End —