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FlipThePoet Feb 12
I took the charge in the summer
slowly putting my feet in the waters
it felt so good.

It was a clear day
as I willingly emptied out my thoughts
scanning the horizon
observing others who had taken the charge
now they are neck deep
while I study the path they took.

The feeling of the summer air
and their songs chirping like birds
memories I hope not to forget.

Yet in my moment of bliss
filled with excitement
unreluctant to retract my step
I noticed I was all alone
so I hid,
secluded to my thoughts
my joy exposed to my book
but no one close to share.
FlipThePoet Feb 1
We will work together
through sweat and strain,
coffee in hand
as we drink late night
to numb the pain.
Times may bare tension
blicking with blame,
but we'll get down
to play the Game.

You have my back
and I yours, through the night.
Though the score low
we shall last the fight.
Like crazy glue
we will stick together
and fend off the storm,
as dark clouds break off,
We will stand.

Then we shall say
we fought together,
and never gave up
to die!
I wrote this poem for my final design project team, when we started our project last year, September 2018. Reading this today brought some nostalgia feeling so I decided to share. Yeah, so my group and I are doing great and we will be round our design project in April 2019, we still work with Love, unity, and support as we complete our project.  
...Big ups A+ Squad, we almost there!!!
FlipThePoet Jan 27
I watched as they danced
with joy on their face
words in their mouth
cupped hands held up high
as they jumped.

I watched
with a smile  
and danced some more.
Last Night at Yale Street
FlipThePoet Jan 25
I'm beginning to
realize that
I'm complicated.
I laugh easily
get mad easier.
joke a lot
holding on to emotions longer.

I'm beginning to
realize that I over think things
Zigzagging through different scenario.
Not stopping to underthink things
disbelieving that the good will come tomorrow.

The truth is I'm fragile
I haven't yet acknowledged it,
hoping I could piece things out
finding a piece that completes me.

Last night I talked to a real one
didn't spill the real thing.
it hard letting real ones go
especially those I hold close
the relationship ain't the same as it use to be.
FlipThePoet Jan 5
In the hood, we the real the Robin hood  
as we take the money from the rich folks
distribute them to the poor folk's
but everyone thinks we the *******
FlipThePoet Jan 4
I woke up this morning the ***** of dawn and
now I'm yawning as I proceed to ask myself why
why the mess up?
All you had to do was the lineup,
instead you put the clip down and let it sagged.

Dawg, I had big respect for you
but you gonna let it fly.
I tried,
but recently your cut game caught weak
and it hurts.

The other day, you said
"things have changed, it ain't a 10 dollar game
mans have to pay 15 to get a sweet fade"
so I paid.

it's obvious now as
price goes up, performance goes down.
All I get is a messy fade,
and a sagging bearded line.

I think i will have to cut the beard
and let it grow back.
The cut game is an extreme sport,
especially when things go bad
This was an intricate one about a messy cut I got from one of my OG. To me, poetry is fun and I like writing about the smallest thing such as these
FlipThePoet Jan 3
Crooked frame on a white wall
with its squared edge on all four sides
sagging to its left, lifting it right up
exposing its crookedness for all to see

Crooked frame on a white wall
why wasn't you adjusted?
wasn't your crooked stand exposed to every foreign eye?
or was your content so beautiful
that it captured the stare of all who glanced?

If so, it must have been content of pure gold
to have kept hungry eyes blindfold
Pretty much on this one, I try to convey a point which I hope y'all somewhat understand. The point being that even though crooked outside, the frame content inside attracts the 'hungry eye'. In essence, what's inside does matter and most times if not more, it matters more than the outside. So focus on making the inside 'pure gold', cuz that's what ppl(including me) look for.
Also, God looks at the inside too :)
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