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FlipThePoet Aug 10
It's been a while since you buzz
now you talking about personal time,
all over snap acting all figured out.
sincerely hoped mama daughter talk straighten you out.

Hit me when things get rough
i'm just a snap call away.
my girl trust, i'm not phased
i had accepted things aint working that way.

Lately, i've been taking my own advice
knowing my worth as i push block around.
kin folks been getting disrespectful
especially when you ain't giving them the attention they want
a block that hit me on the late.

My computer saying 13%
but with you, i'm a 100
top left hold on to God, no cap
He does really come around, no doubt.

We all fight demons
yours ain't much that different from mine.
backdrop, wrote this one Jan this year. This is what friendship is all about
FlipThePoet Jul 14
What is love but a treasonous feeling
sapping strength away from its victim
a bewitched lover
lored to its prison
condemning reason to hell

a plate full of despair
an incantation, a spell
a midsummer beauty
a poison to the well

a strange concoction
masking its smell
under false pretense
with a smile
accompanied by lies

a cohort
puppeteered to a fool
strung to the heart

"God, I hate writing sappy poems
I know she'd read these lines"
but I don't know
we always come back
FlipThePoet Jun 26
As I came up the stairs,
I clung to the railings
hauling myself
to take another step.

like a cold plunge,
the city's air embraced my face
welcoming every ****** hair
with an unspoken cheer.

following my awakening,
the voice of the city
echoed like victory chants
in the halls of my head
through streetcars, motor vehicles
and the walking pedestrian.

And like a livewire,
I surged with life
feeling as though
part of something vast.
FlipThePoet Jun 24
Glory be to God for dazzle things
that shines and glares
commanding beauty to bear.

for rain on the earth
producing meat and mead
that warms and fills.

for modern technology and advancements
messages through cell phones,
and cake in the fridge.

Glory to God for the mind that works
and the ones that sits,
the ones growing
and the ones that will soon sleep.

Glory to God in the highest
The father-bearer of beauty
in all things
Praise Him.
FlipThePoet Feb 12
I took the charge in the summer
slowly putting my feet in the waters
it felt so good.

It was a clear day
as I willingly emptied out my thoughts
scanning the horizon
observing others who had taken the charge
now they are neck deep
while I study the path they took.

The feeling of the summer air
and their songs chirping like birds
memories I hope not to forget.

Yet in my moment of bliss
filled with excitement
unreluctant to retract my step
I noticed I was all alone
so I hid,
secluded to my thoughts
my joy exposed to my book
but no one close to share.
FlipThePoet Feb 1
We will work together
through sweat and strain,
coffee in hand
as we drink late night
to numb the pain.
Times may bare tension
blicking with blame,
but we'll get down
to play the Game.

You have my back
and I yours, through the night.
Though the score low
we shall last the fight.
Like crazy glue
we will stick together
and fend off the storm,
as dark clouds break off,
We will stand.

Then we shall say
we fought together,
and never gave up
to die!
I wrote this poem for my final design project team, when we started our project last year, September 2018. Reading this today brought some nostalgia feeling so I decided to share. Yeah, so my group and I are doing great and we will be round our design project in April 2019, we still work with Love, unity, and support as we complete our project.  
...Big ups A+ Squad, we almost there!!!
FlipThePoet Jan 27
I watched as they danced
with joy on their face
words in their mouth
cupped hands held up high
as they jumped.

I watched
with a smile  
and danced some more.
Last Night at Yale Street
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