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Jon Thenes Nov 2018
Marry feast
marry fist
and marry feast be over
Tables turned
dancers turned to fighters
a violent rattle
Looking back on old photos
Makes me want to scrub the essence
Of you
From the passengers seat of my truck
And the skin of my arms
The freckles on my cheeks
The sheets on my bed
You make me feel ***** now
How the tables turn
Julie Grenness Jan 2017
How to turn the tables?
To respond to all those fables,
If we could make men love us,
Like we love them, less fuss,
But that's the way they are, no less,
Not much sapience for men, I guess........
Feedback welcome.
Janae Labree Mar 2015
Why is it that she's hurting, life on pause.
He hasn't missed a beat. Forever on the scene.

Did you two not share the same love?

This isn't adding up.

Because she's steady losing sleep,
and he's steady selling dreams.

She's still drowning in her tears,
as he pushes her to the back of his mind.

Unfinished poems and endless thoughts,
that's all her life consists of these days.

Cleaning up the mess in her heart,
the atrocious mess he made.

Rebuilding and gaining focus,
she's finally back on track.

She learned to love herself again;
He took four steps forward,
and then five steps back.

He finally came to his senses,
a day late and a dollar short.

He's regretting all of his decisions,
while she's blossoming like never before.
Avery Glows Aug 2014
He's black and tiny.

Dull but shinny.

Disgusted with its presence.

People swap him off

the tables,

the wall.

Their eyes blazing with flare.

Raising fists about to strike,

their food becomes trash

in a moment,

the fly flies,

not anymore,

squashed and lifeless,

where it lies paralyzed

and dies.
Bear D May 2014
there was the table

you liked. The one

we kept in my room.

we made tea on top of it

it was small

and every time

i’d ask, you’d

say no look we cant

make love on it.

what happened to that table
i miss its being in between us
Alexis Apr 2014
Targets shifted,
Arrows fell.
Strings are broken,
Hopes are dashed.
People lead,
They're admired.
We see,
We try.
We fail,
We cry,
We hide.
Tables are turning,
Worlds are changing.
Everything is tumbling down.
Are lies now easier to tell?

— The End —