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George Krokos Jul 2018
O dust! you settle down naturally on any exposed surface
over a period of time it seems without much of a purpose
other than to indicate that some time has obviously passed
as before there on we observed a brighter sheen was cast.

You also seem to appear and come down out of nowhere
because of the fact that you're an insignificantly small fare
nobody around suspects the character of your real nature
or questions how and why you are made; of what stature.

People will say that you are of certain air-borne particles
which are picked up and carried around like some articles
and deposited where fate has destined them to be placed
on any exposed surface that their presence has disgraced,

This may be true to a point but isn't an absolute or final answer
as you are so fine and small it begs one to delve much further;
if the atmosphere of the earth supports all life as we know it
then it too must be a living thing and the dust just proves it.

Particularly in respect of each living thing producing its own waste
the atmosphere itself being so pervasive can't be dismissed in haste
because it too would have to live and feed on whatever sustains it
and leave behind most of the dust as excreta as a justification of it.

The question one could ask next is what would the atmosphere live on?
and the answer might just be whatever is available such as energy from
the sun, stars and space itself which are all parts of the cosmic sea above
along with the earth and its oceans that it envelopes as a protective glove.

However it is noted that no dust settles on an exposed surface in a vacuum
because there's no atmosphere apparently there we would have to presume
hence all of space itself isn't some kind of great vacuum but a living entity
we've come to call the Universe being the body of God the Eternal Verity.
Written in 2017
Seanathon Jul 2018
Quietly justifying
The existence of the other
The lines of his jaw
The turn of her hair
But not in hand
For its beneath the surface
Of the conscious mind
That the search began
And there it will end
There it will end
Just beneath the surface things. Next to the shadow, just to the right.
PoserPersona Jul 2018
Idly stationed in the bucolic hills,
sits a stone well; unknown when abandoned.
Though her people foregone, water yet fills
as much as you can want for. In tandem,
are high trees less old than she; occluding
the view from pathless and naive strangers.
As their wish in well is to keep obtuse,
those that siren would otherwise capture.
Her drink, one thinks they'll constantly receive.
In reality, they'll only be taken.
Youth will fade as the heart minutely bleeds.
Their hollow, dried corpse will be forsaken.
And though her hole but a tall dark crevice,
I see my reflection on the surface.
I am underwater
No breath to be found
Encased in liquid
I am death bound

So deeply encased in water
I think I'll just swim down
Feel the pressure build
As I slowly drown
Helene Marie May 2018
Swimming in my own delusions,
I gasped, searching for breath
as I reached the surface again,
and the bitterly cold air
of reality
filled my lungs
and pulled me away
from the dazing daydreams
that nearly drowned me
Simra Sadaf May 2018
standing on a cliff's edge,
the pink ocean draws me closer,
i braced for the fall,
floating on air, falling effortlessly,
i prepare for the impact,
i touch the surface immediately,
and the unforgiving frigid water ***** me in,
i sink, deep into the bottom,
feeling the embrace of the ocean.
robert May 2018
White sneakers and t-shirts
With the dumbest prints
An Hawaii shirt on occasion
Joyful tales; a fool I make
So broken it looks like art
This high life is my lie life
Pink skin (but veins so black)
Like sugar so sweet
This ****** blues.
Short poem about the outside and the surface
PoserPersona Apr 2018
I'm drowning
Each time I go under the waves,
it becomes harder to surface.
At which point will I become lost?

I'm bleeding
Crimson red from my heart, my arm
a sacrifice to you or me.
Is it for love or selfishness?
Nylee Apr 2018
In depth
there's only fear and disbelief
deeper you will find nothing else
just void

the courage
is only the drop on the surface
wearing it like my favourite dress
not many times

there is rage
it intensifies how I feel
using every other emotions as fuel
it burns them

After the fire
Tired enough not to think much
and in a bad situation as such
I fall asleep

Waking the regret
funnily it keeps on returning
the cycle ongoing
bury it within

I am emotionless
with too many emotions dancing
improved a lot in masking
happy with my newfound skill.
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