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Ovid Present Apr 19
I  live back always on my day
7 years aged and the day I was made.
From my bed I hear the phone ring,
The kitchen echoed the strike of a match
Cigarette, the smoke scent sounds my alarm
I knew who was on the other side,
I tried, it just didn’t work, those were different times
The teacher, the bearer of School, antagonist
I  knew the result,
he tore into my room  lifting me from my bed by my hair
nothing  between me and the strap
thrown stomach to the ground, peering under the dresser
storm windows placed behind for summer storage
the glass revealed my reflection
my eyes were wide, and I gazed into myself,
Lost in my head eyes growing strong and, in my mind, “Nothing last forever”
His holler fads into the background,
This was far from the first, but this day I became aware
deep into my eyes.
light flashed through my body on the first blows strike And I turned the intended pain to galvanizing pleasure.
Reflecting in the glass, the impact recoiled the small body from the floor, and I am stronger,
“Nothing last forever”
Not a tear dropped, not a blow felt, I’m bigger than pain, aged 7 years
The day I was made.
Now I can take any anguish, and everything passes.

This glorious life and my time laden in adventure
All from the day I was made.
Carina Apr 17
i can’t tell you
how many times
somebody has seen
my scars
and told me
that i’m not really
-just because of my age
I suffer now
Because my past has suffered
I can't be unfair to my past
He suffered for me to be here
Traveler Mar 31
I suffer from a surprise left
The never ending fight
All I saw was black  tights
I only loose it late at night
I guess I never got back up
From life's patented upper cut
Year's I've spent in somatic  extreme
I surrendered to my unconsciousness
    Now life is but a dream
Or is it a meme?
Traveler Tim
Zack Ripley Dec 2019
I didn't know what you'd say.
I didn't know what you'd do.
That day l asked
"Will you let me love you?"
With tears falling from your eyes
I wish I could say I was surprised
When you replied
Even though I already knew,
I had to ask why.
Because I refuse to listen to your heart
Break as you watch me die."
My heart's already been broken.
It breaks every time
I walk out that door.
Please, you don't have to suffer alone
You say "it's not fair to you"
As you let your face hide
Behind a curtain of your Auburn hair.
"You're right. It's not fair to me.
Not fair to you. But that's another thing we could share. I love you."
"I love you too."
4 little words made my heart whole.
4 little words, and now she's forever a part of my mind, body, and soul.
mjad Feb 27
i do not feel
like everyone else
i watch tears fall
when i shed
none at all
for death or love
for good or bad
being angry or sad
i don't care
i understand
what i should be
f e e l i n g
i understand
that i should be
or sad
or scared
but i am just
e x i s t i n g
and everyone around me
is depressed
i do not understand
why my brain is not sad
why my life is not too bad
and how i deserve to be
while everyone else
is suffering
because they have the ability
to be
Holding the prescription
She asked me
"Don't I have right to live more?"
With the adverse face
And the tired eyes
Through thick and thin
Weakening defenses
To feed the spirit

Hold on
Her skin have seen the past
Long live.....your hope for survival
Even though life was complex
She'll seek
What she deserves
It will be
Genre: Clinical Experimental
Theme: Right to live
Author's Note: All about yesterday
Kayla Feb 10
I have started to notice
I am not the same
My choices have changed me
Into the woman
I am today
I have started to notice
I fear everything more
I don't want to walk outside
I hate the world
For what we have become
A hateful Community
That is what we are
Eirene Jan 31
Blank face no emotions

be a good girl and obey

You break the chain they break your spine 

 hush baby easy and slow Walk the Line
It's me every day, living in the wrong place with the wrong people....
Insta:- @eirene.poetry
un-loved Jan 13
he made you suffer
you make me suffer
i make you both suffer
together we are insufferable
but apart
we all suffer
we cannot stand eachother
and yet we are a perfect harmony
of wild and angry and tense and sad
and yet we are happy
a perfect trio
father son and spirit
him, you and i
i love you both
you love us both
he loves us both
we are one
of suffering
and i hate it
by all means a lighthearted poem
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