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Ashley Feb 22
I woke up today
I felt fine
but now that I'm at school I can't focus on anything
I hear something then start to write it then forget
it's like my mind is full but blank at the same time
I can't even remember room numbers for the classes
I can barely even remember teachers names
I'm not sure what to do
Ashley Feb 22
I made a wreck out of my hand
I put it through the wall..
I made a fist not a plan..
I throw my plates against the wall
And give it all I got, but
I aim to break not one but all
it takes a dedicated hand to put it through the wall
but I do it.. just because I can
The only time I'm not stressed
Is when I've worked myself past the point of breaking

Being too tired to feel is my comfort zone
I feel so at home in running around
I don't rest while I sleep
Instead to-do lists and unfinished problems are scripted into my dreams
Using the backs of my eyelids as a whiteboard for tomorrow's tasks

I can't tell if this constant state of movement is Newton's Law
Or a feable attempt to be enough--for no one but myself

I second guess each right answer, every step forward
My thoughts get a racetrack in lieu of a bed

I know this isn't normal
So imagine what I'd do to be in the moment I'm living
Instead of the somewhere else I always am
Zack Ripley Dec 2020
Holidays are usually exciting.
But for people who are depressed,
Holidays can be exhausting. Excruciating.
They can be so stressed
Trying to wear a happy face,
They might have a hard time
Eating anything on their plate.
So, if you feel this way,
I have a challenge for you.
It's called operation happier holidays.
Instead of protecting them,
Tell your loved ones if you're not okay.
They may be upset, confused, or even angry at first.
But almost everyone secretly wishes
For their loved ones to be happy and healthy. So do it for them.
But do it for yourself too.
Because you deserve to be happy.
I used to roll my eyes,
when people said love is dead,
but as I wipe the tears away,
I'm afraid hope is too.
It's one of those nights,
When your mind can't stop its chatter
And even the whiskey tastes like water.
I'm in dire need of a whiskey lullaby to put these voices in my head to sleep.
Hannah Oct 2020
I don’t have time to breathe.
I feel my heart beating between my teeth.
It’s beating...
It’s beating...
It’s beating...
Until I can feel no longer.
Water is slowly rising above my head.
Poetic T Oct 2020
She never played by the rules,
          she asked me to hide.

I wasn't going to be the victim,
  shorty had a blade but I wasn't
    being  her fatality.

                    postcode, different rules.
karly codr Oct 2020
I'm tired of getting thing pushed onto me.
Karly, write this essay so you can get this scholarship.
Karly, apply to this college.
Karly, why aren't you going to this college event?
Karly, make sure to decide what you want to do right now.
Karly, this college invited you to a choir rehearsal.
Karly, make sure you get this done by midnight tonight, but don't stay up too late.
Karly, make sure to get 8 hours of sleep.
Karly, you listen to music too much, take out your headphones, they're warping your brain.
Karly, why are you crying?
Karly, are you okay?
Karly, you have nothing to be stressed about.

REALLY? I HAVE NOTHING TO BE STRESSED ABOUT? YOU KEEP PUSHING THINGS ONTO ME, AND TELLING ME THAT I'M MESSING UP, AND YOU REALLY WANT TO TELL ME THAT I HAVE NOTHING TO BE STRESSED ABOUT????? *sobs in my bed, wrapped in blankets, hugging my stuffed animals, not sleeping because I'm thinking to much
Everyone keeps asking me to do all of this stuff and it's wearing me out, to the point where I hardly get any sleep because I'm too busy laying in bed and sobbing into my pillow and thinking about everything that I have to get done :(
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