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Jake muler May 2016
I got to remember
There's bigger things
Than this
  May 2016 Jake muler
Chloe Zafonte
Lighten up dear
Do not shed a tear
The pain will be gone soon
Maybe not tomorrow or at noon
It will all be Chrystal clear
The end is not near
The pain will be gone soon
Like an escaped balloon
Into the skys of a summer day
Gently floating, fading away.
All I've seen in this site are these heart breaking poems. Just wanted to cheer you all up.
  May 2016 Jake muler
Michael L
Alas! YOU have arrived
To soak up my words
May you drink them in
Delight in them
For they were penned for YOU
I know not your name
Nor will I see your face
But, you were on my mind when I wrote them

I knew you would come one day

And be touched by these few words
Not yesterday, not tomorrow, instead today
How was I to know the time
The timing I leave to you

I am just glad you came

Its never too late to proceed
For the words in my poems
Are meant for just the right moment
Filling a need
Easing some pain
Perhaps they turn your frown upside down

That is why ...

I continue to write

And ...

YOU continue to read
Ever notice how people meet your words at just the right moment
  May 2016 Jake muler
Tammy M Darby
That frightens you away
Or the words bleeding down my face
That love bound cannot say

The crying in my soul
Only goodness hear
The beating of my heart
Crimson flames
Forcing you oh so near

The darkness in my soul
Birthed from the fountain of sadness
I kneel and drink with little regret
From the puddle of madness

Is it the darkness in my soul
That frightens you away
Or deaths reflection in my eyes
The words you cannot say

Copyright Infringement laws
Section 512(c)(3) of the U.S. Copyright
Act, 17 U.S.C. S512(c)(3), Tammy M Darby  4/9/2016
  May 2016 Jake muler
Elizabeth Squires
a glowing tribute*
was penned for the infamous plagiarist
apparently the scriber did little research
into the copier's grist

this master replicator
has visited many a poetry site
to steal what others
did with heart and soul write

brazen is this fellow
in his misappropriating conduct
passing off material
which isn't his original product

again he has reappeared
at the Hello Poetry forum
showing his usual
*disingenuous decorum
  May 2016 Jake muler
Fey Torres
love is like a seed
any seed
if you bring the sunlight
I will bring the water
the seed will flourish into the most beautiful thing,
the most delicate thing
if the sunlight dies out
there's only so much the water does for the seed
it wont longer flourish as beautiful
it will no longer be as strong
slowly it will start to die..
love is beautiful
  May 2016 Jake muler
Fey Torres
..... And if you leave me today I'll have nothing to say but to me it will always be an unfinished happy ending....
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