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SwordNPen Dec 2019
I can’t stop feeling all these empty spaces.
It's like waiting by a phone that won't ring,
take a look around its only me.
the world is quiet while I scream
and the cuts…
The cuts are so deep, but you’re not
around to stop the bleed.  **** I
hate me. What more could be said
In an empty room full of only regret.  

SwordNPen Apr 2019
Sunsets, long night drives,
Rainy days spent in bed and
The thought of you by me for all of it

Daily walks, late night convos,
Movies that make you laugh
Movies that make you cry
And the warmth of you in my arms

Deep real talk, conspiracy theories,
Ghost stories, playful arguments,
And the story of your life.
SwordNPen Apr 2019
I can't control who she's with
or how she's treated I can
only remind her that i'm here,
and it breaks my heart

I can't tell her how to live
or how to feel I can only
listen and let her figure it out

I can't tell her how I feel
because she couldn't handle it right  
now, I can only try and be there
for her because that's all I can offer

   She is a dream that you never want to wake up from….

SwordNPen Apr 2019
I wish we could meet each other all over again
so much about me has changed and it feels wrong  
that you don’t know who I am.

I wish we could meet each other all over again
because I know you’ve changed too
and it’s sad that I don’t know who you are anymore

I wish we could meet each other all over again
and rediscover each other,
get lost in all the change
get lost in each other

I wish we could meet again …..
SwordNPen Dec 2018
I start every new year with a list of resolutions because I get swept up in the changing of the year. I trick myself into believing that i'm getting a fresh start but I'll be the same i was yesterday. This year was one of the worst, so much happened and I'm not sure how to move on. I think I have to be better then I was last year, because who we are as people is the only thing that matters. Isn't that how we grow?

The scars I wear only tell part of the story I know that now.
SwordNPen Dec 2018
I thought I could poor out all my words onto a page and Id eventually come up with something profound or earth shattering. What I discovered is that I'm a contradiction I'm full of hope while being hopeless, I love while I hate, and I hold it all together while I completely fall apart. Everything about me is murky and complicated is that profound or earth shattering ? or is it just the human condition ? Am I falling short or am I, at the precipice of all of it? Who can know for sure?
You may find this pretentious but it is real.
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