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Ashley Sagans Dec 2016
Heroes aren't perfect.
They are broken pieces placed together to form a beautiful mosaic and yet they don't give up.
Their heart hasn't always known the 'right' choice, for they too have felt anger, doubt, pain and in the midst of those negative emotions they choose happiness.
Heroes aren't fearless.
How do you think they became heroes? By facing their fears head on, looking them in the eye while saying, "you do not control me anymore."
Being fearless means that you have never loved anything so much that losing it could break you.
Heroes are brave.
For when the final battle comes, they look at the world with bloodstained teeth and tears behind their eyes with a crooked, sinister smile and say,
"is that all you got?"
Nelsya May 2016
is LONGING for his warm presence
because this place is cold
without him—
the fallen SOLDIER
who was lost in a sight
of a snow angel
in a battle of FRIGHT CAR

that we never loose
and a pinch
of a never ending hope
awaiting for his HOMECOMING
in a cold Brooklyn
that even with
the heat radiating from a FURNACE
the cold won't melt away

a hold of the SOLDIER
in a mid-frozen way
and in count from ONE—
he become a man of no BENIGN
tempted by control
triggered by words of fear
he comply himself as a SOLDIER
of cold blooded missions
and for that cause—
Soviet is harsh

was enough to fill harshness
inside parts of him
that are already RUSTED
as the result of
being more a machine
than a man himself

from the depth of his consciousness
that he could turn back time
to where he was SEVENTEEN
with a hold of a friend
and a smile that was genuine
not a killing
and a destruction machine
that he is now
Sydney Deimert Sep 2014
Why can’t I remember you?
Has it been too long or have I just forgotten?
Brain washed by others or lost control
I don’t know
Forgotten the times we laughed, we joked.
You said we grew up together
Are you sure it was me?
Till the end of the line.
What do you mean?
All I know is fighting, war and chaos
Mind shattered, confused and lost
But still you’re with me?
Till the end of the line.
My hands are mismatched along with my arms
I left you bleeding on a beach
You join the army and Changed for the better
I join the army and Changed for the worse
I’m your friend and you’re my mission
*Till the end of the line

— The End —