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crybaby911 Sep 2015
You're in my reality
You're in my dreams
You are all I see
You make me scream

Get out of my head! You undesirable *******
No, please don't break me further
Don't tear me apart
But my words drifted in the wind into a soft murmur

My eyes are cold
Expressing no emotions
My soul was sold
And you bottled me with potions

I scream
I kick
Get out of my dreams
You're making me sick

I awake
Distorted in all mental confusion
My senses became opaque, written in my mistakes
Because you are just an unforsaken illusion; stuck in the gravity of my imagination.
hallucinations Feb 2015
with no direction or purpose,
we find ourselves
wallowing in pools of
we find ourselves longing
for those who whisper spurious words of affection.
after all it has always been better to have someone to hold
on those cold nights
being alone.
2015|(c) hallucinations

— The End —