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Ken Pepiton Sep 8
Sept 8 2019

bungee binging The Good Place
this witty inventions peeks

in the window, like a pop-up ad for
imaging software,

hmmm, tune to white
noise and
shift into this aural or otherwise
ifity. We-ness, us-ness, eplurbalus-usem,

y'all. Nobody cares, but we all feel your pain.
waiting is, is all we made sense of,
so far
but nexts are super-positioning as we speak,
write-read, right (and the feeling of asking per

mission-- like is this thing broken --- but no
it worked) right.

Wedom, rhymes, in rhymnals.

Freedom wisdom dom dom
doh minion!

How happy could you be if dying, the act,
you all dread it; but ever,

the idea, ever.
think death's sting is ever lasting?
Once again, ditty dumm dum ditty

when was ever was? Was ever always

pain, no shred of a strange charm

to take the pain away?
Pain, you imagine evermore or nevermore,
either you imagine one

or the other. Ever is a long time to imagine being happy, and though, although, actually,

ever is in progress as,
dammed definition rule. Who agreed to these
logos therapists

redeeming idle words that stink of chaos as

extreme as ours, here,
in our bubble of being, imagining we
this or that, by taking thought,
a mere qubit past the

tip of your tongue.
Who knows, sometimes it works.
a conscious
stake was
city of
justice where
grand duchy
staved it
from the
dark and
rubbed unions
particularly swank
then treaty
millennia till
Brexit left
their reckoning
with covert
aspects of
haute recovery
a dire time
an incorrigible
boor now
delight in
noir till
she goes
down a
hoax if
I make
jokes still
let her
sit behind
the kind  
that modern
love might
catch her
in such
a smear
Personality is caustic, volatile, and drop dead goofy to a fault
I'll make you gasp
then **** your britches
Back to basics maven,
mayhem is what my DNA strands are made from..
I'm good at keeping you guessing
or in constant edge of your seat distress.
Let me learn you some lessons, take your spirit on a walk
Little by little
I'll undress it.
My personality in one shot
I'm a Cosmic freak
with a dash of silly antics.
A schlepper ground with stars alight round movie
marquis a rightful pocket will pop a leader
to weigh in his conversation where

fire tight dreamer's surreptitious delight
when eggplant has garnished the haunt tonight
and there in a mercurial trance these numbers abound
in a matinee where such tones are plush.

— The End —