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Z Feb 2019
Better eat your spinach boy it put some hair on your chest
Better keep your hair long girl go put your *** in a dress
"You better go to church"
"You better come in first"
"You better make it worth my while"
He had to make it worth their while
Wile, cunning, coming through the window when the door locked
When their guns cocked
Good lord made the rainbow
But if you’re gay best don’t get caught
Drink your coffee black, boys
Black boys getting shot
روبرت Nov 2018
Long day
Fine I’ll have a salad
Love spilled out in green spinach
One day I’ll love myself as much as you love me
K Balachandran Mar 2018
a broad spinach patch,
in a sea of red, green drop!
silence contemplates.
Kee Apr 2017
Green was his favorite color.
He hated spinach.
It was funny, the face he made when he had to eat it if he wanted ice cream after dinner.
He loved Clifford the Big Red Dog.
He wanted a dog just like him.
He was a very sweet boy, one that everyone loved.
I loved him the most.
He was my son.
I stood over his casket and my tears dropped on his face.
I almost thought he would wipe them away for me, "Don't cry, mommy. I love you."
It wasn't his time.
He was 4.
You took him away from me.
I want him back.
Give him back to me.
kinda didn't know what to do with this, i had it in my book of poems and I wanted to finish it. I have a story behind it, I don't know if I want to tell it though.
Rebecca Wolohan Jun 2015
The couple sat together on opposite wings of the jet plane. “I would like to know you from the inside out. To swim up through your toes and fingertips and learn to be as you are,” she called to him. He replied, “Your pain and despair taste like spinach but I will eat them anyway.” She peered at him across the sky, saying, “I do not understand your hills and valleys, the forests and seas that inhabit the recesses of your heart. Show them to me, let me learn how they sound.”  To which he answered, “Your joy and compassion taste like caviar and I wish I was richer.”
The Good Pussy Apr 2015
                     ­         a       a l        a
                           l           am           l
                          a           a t              a
                         m            a               m
                         a           K   a             a
                          t          l      a             t
                          a         m    a            a
                           K         t    a           K
                             a          K             a
                               l          a          l
                                   i      li      i
    ­                                      a
                         ­                 t
Origin: Greece
Sarah Sep 2014
They talk, don't listen
Don't listen, for what they say isn't true
Their heartlessness can't break us
It's not your fault
They don't see
What I see in you

Set petty judgments aside
Your value is insurpassable,

Your tenderness against my tongue
Tender, but never too sweet,
Almost bitter.
No sugar coated lies
Just fresh and raw.
Honest and genuine,
You provide what I need.
Kagami Sep 2014
Vivid cultures dancing
like jellybeans in a frying pan.
Pop like a violin
flow with the rhythm of the sandstorm.
Spinach leaves sway in the depths of the ocean
like worms
hooked through one of its many stomachs
filled with plastic bottles.
****** honey bombs flavour
the ink that spills across
the landscapes.

— The End —