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Varsha K Aug 2020
I always thought
Love is a caviar
Fancy & pricy
Like a little sprinkle
Is all you need
Like a delicacy
Only some could relish

But it truly is
The first sip of water
When you had been thirsty
The chocolate you eat
In your sweet cravings
Your same bowl of cereal
From toddler till adulting
Only if you can see, love is in every little gesture and it is the unmeasured gift we possess as a human.
Peninsula Nov 2015
There is a lightning strike in your eyes;
do you know how your stares feel?
And you are, too, like these jolts of light
for as you start, you already leave

But even in these glimpses, I wish to catch
you and your smile--so sweet; I ache
for more, and for this pain's visage.
Yet, I missed you; I was late.

In moments where you snap at me
To not even let a chuckle out
I only am bewildered terribly,
for all I could ask is why and how
as I stare at you stupidly.
Rebecca Wolohan Jun 2015
The couple sat together on opposite wings of the jet plane. “I would like to know you from the inside out. To swim up through your toes and fingertips and learn to be as you are,” she called to him. He replied, “Your pain and despair taste like spinach but I will eat them anyway.” She peered at him across the sky, saying, “I do not understand your hills and valleys, the forests and seas that inhabit the recesses of your heart. Show them to me, let me learn how they sound.”  To which he answered, “Your joy and compassion taste like caviar and I wish I was richer.”

— The End —