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Louder than my voice, You have spoken in me
Deeper than my longing, You have sprung eternal
Beyond my foresight, You are prophesying to me
After all my reason, You are unimaginable (unfolding unimaginable things)

Before my expectation, You've exceeded what is conceivable
In the most secret place, You consume completely
And deep calls out to deep

Above a kingdom's reach, Your reign overcomes
Beneath the meaning of existence, Your laws dictate reality
At the moment of seeking, You have sought and found
Greater than my strength, You uphold the infinite (and I within it more carefully)

In the fulfillment of time, You are waiting
With the wisdom of ages, Your ways are everlasting
And deep calls out to deep, whispering your fullness:

"If there is faith, You are believed."
"If there is hope, You are looked upon."
"If there is love, You are reflected."
Kee Apr 2017
Green was his favorite color.
He hated spinach.
It was funny, the face he made when he had to eat it if he wanted ice cream after dinner.
He loved Clifford the Big Red Dog.
He wanted a dog just like him.
He was a very sweet boy, one that everyone loved.
I loved him the most.
He was my son.
I stood over his casket and my tears dropped on his face.
I almost thought he would wipe them away for me, "Don't cry, mommy. I love you."
It wasn't his time.
He was 4.
You took him away from me.
I want him back.
Give him back to me.
kinda didn't know what to do with this, i had it in my book of poems and I wanted to finish it. I have a story behind it, I don't know if I want to tell it though.
A May 2016
Soft hands
Traced my skin
As I told you
"Pull up your grades, ******* it."

And you replied, sweetly
"Pull up your shirt, ******* it."

Your luscious green eyes
Pouring into mine.
And that was how it was.

My love - your lust.
MaSHTONdison May 2014
Once was a girl,
nameless to say,
family had problems,
so she couldn't stay.

Forced into a relationship,
with one so wrong,
Nothing alike,
but no harm done.

Silence, Silence,
Beauty and Dusk,
Wake up to sunshine,
voice full of husk.

Slept in his arms,
but I must go,
far far away,
for his heart my explode.

with love and kindness,
sadnes and tears,
i pack my bag,
before i fear.

they will find me,
i know they will.
This has gone to far,
So i spurge and take one last pill.

body found,
lying on the floor,
he whom she ran away from,
actually loved her.
Frozen; Book on wattpad:

— The End —