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  Feb 2018 Hannah Beasley
Alison K
It's the color of her eyes; the color of the sea. In both you could drown, or find God himself. It's the space between cities. Road signs & right turns, and the quiet determination to unravel in her arms. The sheets on her bed at 3am, where she whispers "I love you" and you've never been so sure of anything. The breath you exhale after you kiss her; it's the color of the blood pumping through your heart. The heart that she keeps beating. The heart that has her name written all over it. It's the heaviness in anticipation. The insatiable desire for a minute, just one minute. It is not the opposite of passion, like once suggested. It is passion itself. It is the sound of whispers. Her breath on your neck, and shivers down your spine. The color that fills in the weeks until you see her again. But most importantly, it will always be the color of her eyes. And it is no coincidence they are the color of the sea.
  Feb 2018 Hannah Beasley
If it were to only rest upon my hands and breathe through my life..
to posses what others view when they smile fondly on their past
I feel velvet scars rising
forming into reminders;
my dreams slept were only nightmares
my dreams awake were only mirrors to night
the only one to hold me was my dead teddy bear
cold, stale, mildewed from my tears
suicide preached upon, with words of parents
A happy childhood is all I asked for..
I miss you
Your welcoming embrace
The way the words used to flow so effortlessly
Your smile brightening my face

I used to see you so often
Everyday we would meet
We laughed, we loved
Every word we shared was sweet

Now you seem so distant
I can't express my thoughts to you
Once familiar, now a stranger
You're not the person I once knew

You made the bad beautiful
Transformed it all into art
With you I shared all my secrets
Poured out all of my heart

I wish in every star
For you to come home
Poetry, I miss you dearly
You're love I've never known
Writers block
Loving you was like being thrown in a war I did not enlist into.

But if I could go back, I'd still choose you.

I would find you and fight for you, love you a little longer and a whole lot more.
been into short pieces of writing lately..
Please don't hurt
Across the computer screen
I cannot hold you in my arms
I can't stand when your eyes fill with fear
And your voice becomes monotone
Our souls are too similar
That your pain seeps through your monitor
Into my veins
I know my touch
Would wash your worries away
But for now
I send my light to you, my dear
One day
I will press my palm upon your face
As you do mine
  Feb 2018 Hannah Beasley
Scarlet Niamh
I was fractured until I met you;
the boy who saved me from halfway
across the world. Somehow, you pulled
me from the waters I was drowning
in without being there to touch
my pathetic body. You taught me to swim
rather than pulling me out;
you never were afraid of taking the road
less travelled. When I finally met you,
touched you and saw you only to cry
when saying goodbye, it was as a complete
person. I could look you in the eye
and love you the way I should have
for all that time. I was your equal.
I wasn't fractured anymore.
I'm not fractured anymore.
~~ I could never not love you, Chris. No matter how far away you are.
Thank god for the internet and it bringing me your friendship. ~~
  Feb 2018 Hannah Beasley
Distance is nothing
When already got something
That is worth keeping
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