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Alienpoet May 2017
There is a monster in my toy box and he’s covered in purple fur.
His eyes are like slot machines and they whizz around and whir.
He makes me say silly things and he plays with our cat.
He hides the TV remote under the bathroom mat.
He comes out every night to read through all my books.
He tears the corners, he writes in them in crayon and just look...
When I try to catch him, he scurries far away.
Mummy and Daddy, I’m not naughty, I just have to say:
“It was the monster in my toy box, he’s naughty all the time.
You just never see him ‘cos he’s so clever with all his crimes!”
A children's poem
With a one TRACK
mind, vast determination and a CRESCENT
smile, she set out to DRIVE
that she hoped would BYPASS
the pitfalls of the low ROAD,
and carry her to a HIGHWAY
that would lead to AVENUES
of success in her search for Primrose LANE,
of dreams and easy STREET.

She paused to MEWS
on her plans and decided that she’d WALK
forest PATH
around the public GARDENS
at the bottom of the CUL DE SAC,
but the TRAIL
through the GROVE
was muddy and the gate was about to CLOSE,
so she thought it best to hit the ROAD
and be on her WAY
before she ended up in COURT
asking the judge to OVERLOOK
her trespass in the PARK
What I do when I'm boread at work.  Did I miss any?  Tell me and I'll rewrite.
Brent Kincaid Dec 2016
What does Santa have to do with Jesus
Or an egg-laying rabbit for that matter.
People who think this crap up must be
As mad as Lewis Caroll’s Mad Hatter.
I mean, these same store owners
Got those stories from somewhere.
Then put them out generously for
Gullible parents so freely to share
With kids grown greedy by the lack
Of parental care and nurturing
Not to mention pablum, for real
As the family thing was rupturing.

Where did that rabbit come from?
It never made sense at all to me.
How did those ******* up genetics
Get dragged into the nursery?
It defies belief that anyone over eight
Ever bought in to the silly tale.
It was always so obvious to me
That it was all to make a sale.
So, first there was fat man and sleigh
Flying at blinding electronic speed.
With ungainly flying reindeer as
What passes for valiant steeds.

Next we have a bunny who hides
Millions of gaudy hard boiled eggs
Then apparently hops right off
On some very confused short legs.
Did I leave out the Tooth Fairy?
Now, that is a real piece of work.
I really believed that pillow thing.
My god was I ever a young ****!
There might be someone else besides
Fecund rabbit, fat men and a fairy.
If they hadn’t brainwashed us so early
This whole mishagas would be scary.
Arcassin B Jun 2016
By Arcassin Burnham

....For thinking that you could call me any name
You want,

.....Won't be the slave of love anymore to adore you,

Silly you ,
You had it all , you had my love , you were my everything,
Silly you ,
You had it all , you had my love , you were my everything,

Sitting here crying to myself about my mistake of finding you
So inconveniently in love with everything that you said
Putting me in some sort of trace in ****** Embrace where
Ones mind will link up to another,
You found you another,
Under pillows I smother myself in these walls , these walls,
Im reaching but I've reached long enough,
Can I all,
When you honestly left love it was tough,
Use to fall,
How could I put a decent price on a cuff if you regret it all,

Silly you ,
You had it all , you had my love , you were my everything,
Silly you ,
You had it all , you had my love , you were my everything,
I could stand the rain but in advance I can not stand the pain,
Silly you ,
You had it all , you had my love , you were my everything.
Nigel Finn Mar 2016
The sensistive topic of religion
Occasionally causes some division
Amongst those who don't agree
Which is plain for all to see.

So let us broach that well known religion
That loves to claim logic when causing division.
The faith that I speak of is, of course, atheism,
(My view that it's a faith can cause much derision)

Now from a purely agnostic point of view,
It seems such beliefs must rely on faith too,
How else could you justify all that you knew,
Is infallible, and therefore must be true?

I know many people will want to attest
That religion doesn't apply to the atheist,
Which is why it's surely the silliest
To declare itself better than all the rest.
“I do not believe in God and I am not an atheist.”
― Albert Camus

I'm not religious myself, and this is a silly poem aimed at the more extremist atheists, who get really angry when their beliefs are questioned.
Annie Medosch Mar 2015
Tear off pink leaves
Lining silver spears of fruit
That hang to be
Pressed, beaten, ******
Turned Yummy into
Zorb’s first taste of
Magnetic hazy swirls, pulp
Floats to the surface and
Reflecting in the juice,
Contained in the grainy, clear
Plastic cup, is the fluorescent apron
Of his purple hued waitress
DO NOT spill that platter of
Warm Grabtov Cakes
Chef Remi hollers
Sporf Sprinkles, Cremb Crumbs, Pinch of Flour
Sector 02 harvest labor wages inflating
Simultaneously as these stomach do
French pressed black dust
With Tulken cream fresh from the
Open void of Farmer Joe’s glowing lime cloud fields
Stop in
Galactic highway quasar X68G
A diner stop on route to EGS-zs8-1
Spiriling towards vacation,
the silken lava beaches
of blackhole and distant quasar ULAS
Filling the infinite time
With Coffee and Cake
the silliest poem ive ever written
Alyanne Cooper Jun 2014
Sometimes it happens like
Butter on toast,
Smooth, creamy, and delicious.

Most of the time, it's stilted
And halting.
Like hobbling through a parking lot
On crutches with a full leg cast.

Sometimes it comes from
The haunted recesses
Of the traumatized human mind.

Other times a frog
Or butterfly
Or other passing fanciful inspiration
Invokes the need for

And poetry.

We write to describe the world around us
But much more, the universe within us.

Our words give life and tangibility
To the impalpable things,
And they take away some of the fear
And pain and grief and unconscionability
Of the corporeal things.

And in the weaving
And shaping
And forming
And rhyming
And jotting
And sketching
And rapping
And moulding
And writing
We find emancipation and satisfaction.
And thus...scrumpdillyumptiousness!
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