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Kathy Nguyen Feb 2015
I sit at I home trying to get my **** together
I am out in the public trying to show that
I have my **** together
Some days I have my **** together better than others
Some days anxiety floods my brain
with thoughts that
swishes swashes and sway
in random unpredictable directions
These days when my **** isn't together
I walk in public faking the best laugh and smile
Happiness is a decision
but my happy is an empty piggy bank
that broke before it was even used
Just trying to calm myself down before bed
Iris Nyx Feb 2015
The words are there
The zeal is building
The hunger is crawling to

But when my hands fall to the squares
That will compose my work
My mind falls completely

I need invigoration
From those who I love
But never will I inquire
Never will i pester for the help

But Oh! How the demand grows
And how the hours fly without
Me being one word
One thought

Closer to
The dreams I held when
Could smile sincerity

Oh How Badly
Oh How Severely
Oh How Passionately
I want

— The End —