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GraciexJones Oct 2018
The two brothers wait for me arrive home,
They call themselves Anxiety and Fear,
Fear with his grimace smile,
Welcomes me in with his rigid glare,
He takes one look at me,
Reminds me I am vulnerable and fragile,
Anxiety plays along,
With his insolent tone,
Tells me I am an ignorant fool,
Mocking me of my wisdom,
Fear reminds me I am blind,
I know deep down they are right,

Fear is talking with a big smile to Anxiety,
The two brothers begin to laugh as I sit and calculate,
My heart begins to ache,
Anxiety points out the truth,
I can’t deny how I went wrong,
Fear places his hands on my shoulders,
I start to cry as I am unable to conceal these thoughts,
He whispers in my ear he will always be there,
Anxiety places his hands in mine
He always said one day I will suffer
No one to save you,
Like vultures they begin to circulate,
I must stay calm,

I rise firm to my feet,
So you want to mess with me?
Fear retreats to the corner and hisses,
It doesn’t matter what you have to say,
How long you keep these thoughts at bay,
Anxiety continues to linger around,
Analysing every inch and sound,

I was naïve and innocent to follow to your dark psyche,
Fear attempts to shut me up,
Yelling nonsense in my ear,
Anxiety joins in playfully,
Twisting and turning my stomach,

I take a deep breathe,
I will not follow blindly to the devil in disguise,
I will not tolerate these fears and let them ride me,
I will not let anxiety take over my strive,
My devotion will be dedicated to creativity and insanity,
You are just made believed.

The two brothers wince at my capability to be brave,
Anxiety recoils and hallows a piercing shriek,
Fear grimaces and spits venom at me,
I catch the venom and throw it back at Fear,
I owe you nothing
Eva Tongali Jul 2018
Whenever a classmate or a stranger made a comment about my appearance,
my loved ones always said:

“Don’t listen to them”

Because growing up, everyone knew I was a bigger girl,
People called me fat before they called me by my name.
Being ridiculed for being fat was all I had ever known,
And how could I have not listened,
when I was called fat more than I was told “I love you.”
But you can’t admit you are fat,
instead you have to:

“Don’t listen to them”

I lost all of the weight in middle school and was left with curves you could only find on photoshopped Instagram models,
I went from girls calling me a whale to guys screaming across the street asking if that could tap this.
I wondered if things would’ve been better if I stayed fat, if I let go of the shame and just learned to love myself instead of turning into a new person.
I would tell my loved ones about how sexualized I was,
They said in order for me not to be the girl I was perceived as:

“Don’t listen to them”

I was ***** in my freshman year of high school, with ptsd haunting my every minute.
Two strangers voices replaying very different things in my head at all times.
One called me beautiful, the other a ****.
I used the advice I had heard so many times throughout my life,
And maybe I’m not a ****, but I’m not beautiful either.

How am I supposed to react when people hurt me but said things I’m supposed to believe?

I’m sorry.
I’m sorry I’m not normal and I don’t take compliments very well.
Maybe it’s because I don’t get them very often, or maybe it’s because I

“Don’t listen to them.”
This is a very vulnerable piece based on different times in my life.
empty seas Feb 2018
scrub scrub
brush brush
you’ll never be perfect
you’re not good enough
no use in wearing makeup
it can’t work miracles
you can barely get out of bed anyway

slip on that sweatshirt
baggy to cover your fat
look at those fat thighs
the flab on those arms
no wonder everyone who loved you has left

cover yourself up
shorts are a battle
bikinis an impossibility
might as well just give up

body positivity only works for pretty girls
and trust me
you’re not one of them
I don’t like my body
Meepbeep Nov 2017
I live in a mirror and prey on the weak,
My flaws are fixated and clear.
I stutter an mumble whenever I speak,
My voice always trembles with fear.
A blemish or twelve can be seen on my face,
and they sure as hell won't go away.
These problems and faults just consume all the space,
Where my positive aspects should stay.
But what would I know, I'm as dull as a spoon,
Any edges are certainly downsides,
My laugh is obnoxious, my smile appears hewn,
and to think that I dare go outside.

When I talk I assume that they think I'm a freak,
When they probably liked what they heard,
So it gets to the point where I don't want to speak
and that silence says more than my words.
I don't keep in contact or give them a call,
Might as well just cut short the demise.
They're far above me, yeah they stand far to tall,
I won't ever hang out with those guys.
So now I've no lovers, no contacts or friends,
My head now has never been clearer.
A moment of solitude spent never ends
When I'm sat staring back at the mirror.

But when I'm alone I exist less and less,
Until I am merely me.
I realize that I'm far more than a mess,
I am only who I want to be.
I speak what I think and my smile can uplift,
and I am actually quite a good person,
My looks are the wrapper that come with the gift
Things are better, they don't need to worsen.
A moment to love me is all that it took,
To disregard all imperfections.
I would rather have seven years of bad luck
Than live in a fear of reflections.
Not my first poem, I already hate the one I submitted for entry. Please consider this to be my real debut.
Matthew Vargas Aug 2017
The water is clear
Unlike my mind.
It's murky, foggy, and
as my hand touches the surface,
It ripples.
Breaking the perfection
And I sigh as my face
reflected back to me
How I wish I could be lovely
Like the setting sun
Or the endless oceans
And I feel my face plunge
Forward into the water.
Struggling to breath underwater
The liquid fills my nostrils
And I've drowned
Like Narcissus
But out of self loathing
Rather than unconditional
Not everyone drowns themselves in love
ryan Apr 2017
Being as self conscious and
Insecure as I
Means fixing your hair before
Climbing into an empty
And sleeping alone,
Discontent with myself
In the dark.
Alyssa Torres Dec 2015
She stuffed up her bra, puckered her lips,
massaging the ache that came from her new hips.
Her stomach had been tucked, her ***** uplifted,
her calves replaced with something unfitted.
Hey eyebrows drawn on, her contacts unblinking,
"This is my new face", she thought without thinking.
Inspired by the song 'Mrs. Potato Head', by Melanie Martinez
Ameliorate Jun 2015
Imperfection intertwined deeply within my roots
But with a smile like this, ah
Who's to say what perfection is anyway?
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