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eleanor prince Jan 2019
no ripple
on glistening pond
bucolic greenery
greeted sweet mornings
like apple muffins
dusted with

pathways through
rainforest's half-light
hushed cathedral
birdsong rang true
retrieved to senses
a lilting lullaby's melodic

then machinery
of life's happenchance
seared through undergrowth
chainsaw's presence
halted paradise
lacerations on earth's

reverberations hit
tremors appear
reach beyond
borders coddled close
as things find a new
place to roost and
sometimes things change perhaps somewhat unexpectedly -  a relationship experiences a different phase, needs are not being met the way they once were, someone close to us moves far away, a sweet friendship can suffer an unanticipated wound - whatever the loss, there can be regret and it can feel like much of value has been lost, yet at times it can lead to certain insights and more...
Jinxx Feb 2018
The pain ripped through my body
Tearing apart my muscles

Electricity shot through my arms
Sending sparks down my veins

My heart pounded against its cage
Each thump threatening to break free

My stomach boiled in its own acid
Sizzling as the bile rose in my throat

Hot tears rolled down my cheeks
Searing my skin as they trailed

One word drummed through my mind
Each time it hammered my skull shook
The hopeless finality of Never

It screamed in a skull splitting screech
would I be happy
would I be myself
would I be free.
we've been perched on the hot seat
from this weather there's no retreat
a week of the sun pouring scorn
no wonder we're feeling so worn
day break confirms more of its beat

reprieve not coming to the pleat
air temps truly stifling of bleat
they're so draining our seared corn
we've been perched on the hot seat

summers not being a pleasant treat
consistent the burn of defeat
far too much of it did adorn
we await a cooler fall morn
to breeze in with a notice neat
we've been perched on the hot seat
eleanor prince Jun 2017
who will run
gauntlet fierce
scythe held high
through thicket thorns
emerge alive
      stay sane      

hours fuse to
decades spent
begging bird song
soothe dispel
savage sordid

crows confer
callous cold
steal each fractured day
as suffocation
stymies step
yet he walks free

not one escaped
each tender bud
torn in turns
as all around
walked on by
blind to ****

are all afraid
by podium power
pious privilege
masking sleight of hand

will someone stand
despite the odds
counter hallowed hall
covert thugs' threats
of slow death
if we tell

who can dare
scarred mirror asks
shatter code hushed
defy hypnotic trance
risk life and limb
to speak

or has their curse
rendered lame
those not killed
left to bleed
alone in shadows'
listless lanes

eyes stare
probe, confront
in mirror fogged
I wipe them dry
distraught no flame remains
I can sustain

to fuel the fight
and stagger on
through forest blaze
of justice failed
as cries of children
sear the night

I would appreciate frank feedback, please.  How do you feel when you read this - is the meaning clear? Thank you
eleanor prince Jul 2016
child moans mute
plight pools

grey days dank
split robes

time plots sighs
mourns lost

dreams weep joy
stroke scenes

— The End —