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Lisa Lesetedi Feb 2016
I'm falling. So I catch myself
Before I fall into another series of what ifs.
What if I steal a glance
Or worse, what if he returns it
Either way it's a loss because if he is not looking, I'll wonder why he isn't and if I'm not good enough.
When I catch him looking , it plays with my mind because I don't know why he is. Leaving a burning desire to know exactly what goes on in his mind.

I'm falling, but I catch myself, because odds are, I will never speak and neither will he.
I'm falling but I catch myself ,because I'm just a girl and he is just a boy , we are just a boy and girl afraid to love each other. So they settle for stolen glances.
I'm falling , but I catch myself , because I bruise easily.

— The End —