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Rusted iron bar
Rough against my wrist
Trapping all the moonlight
Under crystal waves

****** mason jars
Menial joyless tryst
Draining all the starlight
Through crystal waves

Far as you are far
Listless in your way
Searching in your headlights
Flooding in my head

Rustic open scar
The grit all washed away
Deep beneath the moonlight
In crystal waves

I just can't cant see
Without this interest
What's killing me

Couldn't careless
It's killing me

Whatever life spared to see
Couldn't care less
and so today i drew open the curtains of my ribcage and i brushed the dust off my heart and i forgave you.

— an excerpt from a letter to you
sorry for the lack of content, haven't been feeling particularly inspired. don't really like anything i can manage to write. here's a short and old piece in the mean time.
Point was made
But the feeling of doubt
Seemed longer
"Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion"- Jack Kerouac
Thinking about last night..
I was greatly filled with fright..
I couldn't get it right..
Cause the road was so tight..

You said the word "NO"..
A word I hate to know..
Its just two letters..
But causes fetus to wither..

I don't blame you a dime..
For everything, there's a time..
I did spoke from my heart..
I believe you did too on your part..

Though, tough to admit..
But your action is the best..
Though, I wouldn't permit it..
But all I want for us is the best..

Our hearts are not in agreement..
And Our souls with different discernment..
We can still be good friends..
And I hope it's gonna have a lasting trend.
Told her my feelings, but she waana be alone... Not wanting a relationship..
Paul 1d
Before we do the love game,
And court each other in a dance.
I’d like to tell a few things,
About why I think I am not worth a chance…

I’m usually sad and quite depressed,
And I don’t do what I’m told.
I get too mad or just too sad,
I complain when I’m cold.
I get sick a lot, my burps aren’t soft,
You won’t ever see my floor.
My hairs a mess, my life’s in distress,
And usually I am quite a bore.
I talk too much, I eat your lunch,
I won’t share all my snacks.
I’ll hide some stuff and contemplate:
If what we have is getting rough?
I’ll monologue and talk the talk
And most likely will annoy.
I’ll ask for hugs, I’ll kiss too much,
Most likely pinch and cause sores.
I won’t hold back, even with your dad,
I’ll tell him all the bores.
I will pretend, I’m all upheld,
But really, I’m quite down low.
I won’t just stop, will be on top,
Until I need a hug.
I will kick in sleep, plus cry and weep,
You won’t ever hear an end.
But when you’re sad, I will put all of that,
To the side and just listen in.
I will be the one, who will just have fun,
Whenever you are ill.
I will make soup and cook your food,
Whenever you can’t stand still,
I will make sure, you’re loved and more,
Worshiped like a ***.
I will change my plans, I’ll buy you pants,
I will always put you in socks!
I will never really, let you go,
Especially if you’re cold.
I’ll never stop, I will just laugh,
Whenever you will joke.
I’ll never say, I am all that great,
Unless you want me to.
I will make sure, you will dance and soar,
Until my last few days.
And when you’re sick or ill or ******,
I will just hug you and say:
“You knew what was coming,
I told you I will annoy,
It’s not my fault you fell for this,
Now your soul is mine to adore.”
Some of us just like making sure people know what they are getting into.
past in a glaze,
   a veil of haze,
   cannot reminisce,
   lost time with
Inspired from the visual novel of The Arcana.
I don't know where to start from up or down,
Because you know you are my crown;
When you came in my life,
I had a huge strife;
I was not aware of love,
But still I loved watching dove;
I had no experience in relationship,
But still i float on my broken ship;
It was you,
Whom I saw and flew;
I didn't wanted drugs to get high,
Because I thought I was the perfect guy;
I had you when nobody was there,
That's why i'll be always here;
I love when you get jealous,
Everyday I see you and get zealous;
I cried for you in my room alone,
Seeing you for the first time I was literally blown;
Not sure what i will be tomorrow,
But remember I was I am I will be here yesterday, today and tomorrow.
Luna D 1d
Come touch my soul
Cut me open
Break my ribs with your bare hands
Pure strength
Hold my heart
Feel it pulsing, beating, in your hands
Feel the blood trickle past your fingers
Do you like the way my eyes stare up at you?
My blue and lifeless eyes
The windows into my mind
Do you feel better now?
You finally have all my heart
But look what you had to do
Keep it forever
Leave me here to rot
Leave me here to become one with the earth
I dont need my heart anymore.
I hope you’re satisfied with me now
I’m the perfect dead girl
I’m your perfect dead girl
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