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brinn 5d
it’s hard when you realize
that you are the one
secluding yourself
and pushing your own back against the wall.

that you could have everything
if only you would reach out
and grab it
but for some reason you can’t.

no amount of logic
can change it.
you recognize the self sabotage
and continue betraying yourself.

you want to scream and cry
and tell yourself to stop.
but you can’t move on the outside.
you’re completely numb.
brinn Dec 2020
i look at you
and i know you what you want me to see.
you want me to think
you’re extremely happy
and better now than ever.

but that’s not what i see.
i see what’s really there.
you’re still living in your own shadow.
i hope one day
you find your way out of the darkness.
brinn Nov 2020
it hurts
because i know
it will never be the same.

all the secrets we shared
the laughs and the little moments
and the support we gave each other.

even if things get better
i can’t ever forget this
and now we’ll always have this distance.
brinn Nov 2020
i hope that you’re happy
i hope you laugh everyday
i know this sounds sappy
since we’ve gone our separate ways

but i want you to smile
even brighter than before
i know it’s been a while
since i walked out that door

i hope you realize now
that it wasn’t meant to be
i hope you know how
it wasn’t easy for me

the truth is i miss you
i honestly really do
i’ll always love you too
but we both needed something new.
brinn Nov 2020
when you didn’t stop me
when i started walking away
from you and out of your life

when i finally had enough
and decided to leave
and you let me

when i had tears in my eyes
at the thought of the end
and you turned your head

when it broke my heart
walking away from you
and you didn’t follow

that’s when i realized
i was making the right choice
leaving you behind.
brinn Nov 2020
you turned your poison
and treacherous thoughts
into a part of me
that i can’t get rid of.
brinn Nov 2020
and it hurts.
letting go of someone
who you have held onto
for longer than you should’ve.
but you can’t save someone
who doesn’t want
to be saved.
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