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Debra Lea Ryan Sep 2016
No more Rain
Or destructive Fire
Such from Life
Comes a Retirement

No more Hate
Or piercing Wounds
When Spirit Moves
Beyond the Moons

There is only Love
An Eternal Bliss
Sheltered From The Wind
In Peace to Exist.


Abri du vent

Pas plus de pluie
Ou Feu destructeur
Une telle vie de
Vient un retraite

Pas plus de haine
  Piercing Wounds
Lorsque Spirit Moves
Au-delà des Moons

Il n'y a que l'amour
Un Bliss Eternal
Abri du vent
Dans la paix d'exister.

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—
    where does my help come from?
 My help comes from the Lord,
    the Maker of heaven and earth.
 He will not let your foot slip—
    he who watches over you will not slumber;
 indeed, he who watches over Israel
    will neither slumber nor sleep.
 The Lord watches over you—
    the Lord is your shade at your right hand;
 the sun will not harm you by day,
    nor the moon by night.
 The Lord will keep you from all harm—
    he will watch over your life;
the Lord will watch over your coming and going
    both now and forevermore.
Psalm 121.
Hannah Bauer Jul 2015
I am safe.
I am protected.
You built a hedge around me
that no one can break through.
Not without Your permission.
You are keeping me safe.
You are protecting me.
The future is bright with hope.
The darkness is in my past,
and even when painful times come,
You will still be here.
You will still keep me safe.
You will still protect me.
Thank goodness*
You  where there.
What would I have done without you God.
I stumbled backwards from three steps
Outside my back door

You sent a guardian
angel to protect me
Lord I landed right on my feet.
It was as though you caught me
And carefully put me down
Thank you Jesus I love you

You are my Father
You are watching us everyday.
You know all our comings
And goings..
You are a God who is
Interested in us*

You were looking out for me.
Looking out from your window
From heaven...
Violet Blue Jun 2015
I'm resting my head
On your chest
My hand on your shoulder
Your arm around me
Playing with my hair
Gently stroking it
Helping me fall asleep
Your other hand
Holding onto my arm
gently moving your thumb
Up and down
Your chin on my head
I can hear your heart beat
Your arms tightly round me
Holding me
Making me feel safe and happy
Genuinely happy
Even though it was the worst sleep
I've ever had
Because of the little space we had in the tent
It was one of the best sleeps
Just because you were there
You move and your cheek is pressed against mine
I can feel your breathe on my neck
You moved your hand into my sleeping bag
And pull my top
And gently rub my back
Because I'm almost in tears
With how sore my stomach is
I giggle quietly cause it tickles on my side
It starts to get cold
So I move closer to your chest and you hold me tighter
You're dreaming
A nightmare possibly
Sounds like your crying
My arm isn't on you anymore
You make a weird noise
And I pull you closer to me
And you seem to feel better
It's cute really
You felt better with my arm around you
Just like I did
Continue stroking my hair
As I fall gently asleep on your chest
Feeling the steady rhythm
Of your heart
And hearing your heavy breathing pattern
And you light airplane sounding snore
From you being sick
Slowly falling asleep
In each other's arms
And safe
Alice R-P Jun 2015
Behind the deceptive exterior,
Strong walls that have been built,
Is something different from expected.

A mouselike soul
Having feelings of distress,
Needing to be protected.

Afraid of getting hurt,
Not obtaining chosen goals,
Not being the one who's selected.

Fear of being judged,
And going unheard,
Scared of not being accepted.

Wanting to hide from the world
To the safe hole in the wall
Believing it can't be trapped in there.
Violet Blue May 2015
The way that one
Piece of hair
Falls on your forehead
When you don't have enough wax
In your hair
The way you straighten it
Because you hate the curls
That I like
The way you get cold so easy
So you sit a little closer to me
Feel my warmth
Put your hand on my knee
Or on my arm
Your icy fingertips
Burning my skin
How you always hold
Onto my hand
Longer than you should
When you shake my hand
Or hi five me
And bend your fingers over
To hold my hand in yours
The way your eyes light up
When you laugh
Or smile at me
As I wake up
From sleeping in class
The way we both are drawn
To a stray cat
Walking down the pathway home
The way you grab my arm
Or put your hand on my knee
And ask if I'm okay
When I'm on the verge of tears
And tell me it's all going to be fine
When I get scared
And you put your arm around me
And run with me in your arms
Away from what we fear
The way you pull me off the road
So I don't get hit
The way your hand is pressed
Firmly on my back
Getting me away
From any bad situation
The way you care for me
My safety
My health
My feelings
Way more than I do myself
I don't really understand why
But oh how I'm grateful
You were that person
I always prayed for
That God would send me
Someone I could count on
Someone to protect me
Care for me
Understand me and my ways
And make me happy again
Tiffany Marie Apr 2015

You are darkest beauty
Hunted by this frenzy
These aging, wizened eyes
Track you through the night
Prey for the predator

As for the creature feasts on the most unknown meal of all not the dark but thy light

Draining the sweet innocence
Hungry for the souls taste
But you stay just of reach
The closer to thy light
It burns at this darkness

The light shines with no effect upon thy dark but the dark shines no mercy but glory and hatred the dark predator gives to thy light

This creature feels only rage
Consumed at he can not have
Fury at what he can never be
For he never knew the angel
Of the darkest beauty in hiding

Thy angel of light bares to thy soul of thy darkest part of the creature of the dark exposes its true beauty and shines light on its pure light and the demon of darkness demolishes thy lights soul and the light shall stay nonimmortal while the dark overules the light and captures both sides dark and thy light both parish in a eruption of flames and disappear in a thin of smoke and never return to thy land of good and evil.

Collaboration by Chris Smith the dark poet
And Tiffany Gold
To chris our collaboration
Wes Apr 2014
sad*  scared  alone  depressed  It  overwhelmed  ups­et  ignorant
 irrelevant  broken  disgusting  is you  awful  rejected  numb  stupid   
unhappy  lazy­  fat  mad  that protects me from the  hopeless  cold  fear
glum  tragic  pouring rain and you shelter me from the  worked  poor
despair  big wide world and for that I owe you my soul  chubby
sick  and           I          think             that          you         are  wrong
hollow                                              B                                               shame
empty                                               e                                                 envy
anxst                                                a                                            remorse
grief                                                  u                                               greedy
poorly                                               t                                             shallow
fed up                                              i                                             beaten
bullied                                              f                                               guilty
unheard                                           u                                         unneeded
stress                                             l.                                             *bored
I don't particularly like this 'poem'. :)
Without my friend I would feel...
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