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Amanda Hawkins May 2020
her name was Brooklyn
incoherent surprise
I wanted cuddles, she wanted 69
then go ahead, let’s start the show
a body on top of you is better than none
hours later she said: honey before you go
don’t forget to leave tips bellow
imposter artist May 2019
Through paper thin walls
I can hear my neighbour

She starts with the same lie
every time
      my husband Finnegan
      will be home soon
      let’s make this quick.

I can tell what kinks
the john has paid for
by the uniqueness
of the name she gives
her fake husband.

I once asked,
why the make-believe spouse?
Marigold responded
with delicate articulation
        a girl in this line of work
        needs to pretend
        to have some normalcy
        in her life
        a reason to be kept alive.

Having nothing left to conceal
she lives her life
like no one is watching.
She leaves me astonished,
wishing to live one minute
as open as she lives every moment.
for Marigold
Jay Feb 2019
clothes hugged tight to her skin,
heels as high as a feet,
she walked down the street as stars glew red,  
like the town was her ramp
and the world awaited her.

she must be the daughter of sun.
how else could she burn herself,
to leave me with such a fierce warmth
and a woken monster inside,
succumbing to wallow in her flames forever.
I've got my warrior ******* on
Wolverine lent me these acrylics

Lasso your credit card with my weave
Tuck your tunnel vision in my G-string

This is my ******* song
Got my bad girl heels on

You can't get me off your mind
So how you gonna get me off

Come over to the throne room
I've got an after for you baby

What other religion costs $25 per song

Give me your devotion
I want Matronage

When I was 19 I turned days into kalediscopes
Water into water
Paper covers rock
And coke cures a bad trip

Trip over my perfume

You won't spend money on me High on life
So let's get you depressed

Tell me your story sad boy
I've got rent to pay.

— The End —