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SF Couture Dec 2021
Riding to communion,
Just to exchange drawing of sick scences.
It was hard to sneak flirts,
without your brothers seeing.
They'd never suspect good friends,
not in the Baptistery.
How could such a well to-do family make such a little monster for me?
How could they call us sick and twisted for feelings we didn't quite know?

How much farther could we truly go,
I'm grasping to turn back now.
They're hot on our trail,
it's too late for that though
The pitchforks are near.

They've torn us apart,
let us forget who we are.
It's been ages since I've seen you,
but I still have these scares.

These memories,
these feeling,
they keep dragging me back.
If I can't have you,
then please, please just let leave me on my track.
I can't keep chasing these feelings you've given, they've said it'll **** me.

I keep trying and trying to replace your sick effects,
but it keeps me craving for what I can't have yet.
But your not just somebody, you're much more to me.
Your'e the root of my suffering,
my impossible dream.

I still hate myself,
i truly do.
Because if you came back tomorrow,
I'd still leave with you.
An experience of forbidden love. For those that have been in it's grasp, it's not hard to imagine. A combination of memories.
Sinking to the deeper suffocation,
I scavenge the soil for the astray nail.
A final spike to lock away the life.

As the light gets darker,
a pungent smell takes over,
smearing everything in its stench.
I descry my melting face.

Air implored perfervidly to break my obstinacy.
I dived deeper,
smiling at its desperate attempt.
Its hope to stop the dead from dying.

My fingers touch the inner debris,
aspiring to find the last nail for the coffin.
A couple of more suffocations later,
I find it;
hidden under the pile of thorns.

I pin it to my heart.
One last breath,
and I ceased at the dawn.
Trishna Saini Nov 2020
Flirtation, how much we try,
But will always be foolish.
We try harder,
But will always be silly.
Infatuation is just an emotion,
And a feeling of uncertainty.
It is just a short-lived passion
And it weakens with time.
As we go down into the ocean of it,
We'll become more insane and unstable.
Love involves devotion.
It is an intense feeling of affection.
It includes permanent feelings,
And it strengthens with time.
Never dying in difficulties,
But seasoned through by them.
Just trying to tell the difference! ❤️
Yuwa Iveren Aug 2020
A few words I nibbled off
The back of my hand
They said
"Flow in the river"
I could not understand.

My feet went for it anyways
Nothing showed confusion
So my hands played the drums this way.
My new affiliation.

I'm afflicted with the rhythm of the river
It's tempo is fueling this fever
I can't awaken until
The growing Weaver
Recides in this flowing river.

I am stuck in this desire
I'll write the epic to our delima
The one where you are unwavering
I am stuck in this desire,
To love my unchanging river.
I could not imagine the beat of my heart changing it's tempo. Or my veins switching places with my arteries. Buzzard. Imagine if your muse syncs without you. Sad. I can't loose my unchanging river.
Anshika Jain Jul 2020
Yeah , I was and I am
an introvert
You resolved me so soon
you cared about me too much
you was , are my most important
part even when I didn't know that.
Your absence, presence mattered me
but somehow , situations shattered me
I was too yearning for you in the silence
when you was craving for me in words .
I cannot persist in saying
and yes I know I was delaying
but really , I felt
I missed you so much, even when
I said , " I don't. "
Prabesh Jul 2020
I see you facing down the window with your eyes all wet again
The rain that should have drenched you somehow fills my gut with pain
Will you close the curtains darling I can see you rub them red
You know I'm helpless to my core with that man beside your bed

It cuts me like a knife now that you've found your place to mend
This pain might be the only cure for a heart that keeps it chained
So why do you stare at me with eyes that search the past?
I already ran the race with you and dragged you to the last

Could you free me from this jagged chains?
Your hands are the key to this lock
I can't quite describe the turmoil or get rid of
The sands that have accumulated at my dock
Kruti Jun 2020
So the rules say to stand strong
With feet on the floor, in the storm
In front of him, facing the same side
And let your body falling in backslide
Here you will be taking the risk
Your free fall should be really brisk
If your partner is able to catch
He is called your perfect match!!

"Okay, so I'm ready!" I said.
Standing straight in this empty ground
With arms crossed and nothing around
I closed my eyes, the day was turning dark
Me in my veins experiencing a different spark
With open arms, calculating the distance
You behind me stood in persistence
Saying: "Hey dear!
I will not let you fall in these farms
Trust me I will have you in my arms"

As I leaned back a little, my legs flattered
I wanted to trust you, but my mind staggered
So I took a deep breath and closed my eyes
And let myself fell under those yonder skies
My heart can hear it's pulsating sound
I was totally sinking in you when I found

How gratifying it was falling down slow
The pause at the moment when I know
That I fell exactly into your hands
The reassurance of not landing on land
And amongst all, the best part
Not letting your trust fall apart
As I fell in harmonious white light
I finally found you, my mister right!!
chimera Dec 2019
I’m feeling like ain’t first time we ever meet
You make the time fly slow, slow
Just like slow rivers flow
I see the fire in your eyes
It makes me feel
It takes me high
So bring it on the dancefloor..
Baby u better start this right
I’m losing it
I can’t Control,
Must be love
I always hypnotise by safari lyrics
it has a perfect rhythm of delightful music
original album by serena
chimera Nov 2019
She!! I’m telling a story of a girl...
a girl  who just opened her eyes to live the symphony of her life
a life with littlest things she could ever imagined
all the little things she could ever imagined just as little as how effortlessly she used to dress up her barbie doll and gives her best to be the greatest mother with all the monologues she always gives while dressing up her for the bride-seek game...
she’s all happy, the most happy to be honest
with all the love, care, pamper she gets from all the walls of her house which just completed its house-warming ceremony, she’s on the cloud of joyness
indeed never knowing that walls would one-day leave her with bruises in heart that are never gonna heal...
wounds that perpetually become more and more painful as her tender mind never knows how to handle the blood that is over flooding on her cheeks
she never complained about all the outings and that lovely dad-daughter games that she missed, the only thing she ever could do is hoping that things will get better by seeing the just passed bike of her father’s which headed to an evening walk with her brothers
with all the cacophony of thoughts that are running faster than bolt she somehow managed to bottle up and waited for the wind to blow the wings of the kite which she held, to roar longer, faster, higher in the destination of sky and life...
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