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On an empty street I once walked by a playground,
Abandened in the night by the morning's children,
In silence I can still hear the echoes of useless banter and spontaneous laughter.
Now dormant, redundant in the memory,
It woed and cried in the winter's chill,
This playground on an empty street couldnot forget the warmth of sun under the tarp of moonlight.
Tori Schall Feb 1
swings drifting
in the ever cooling air
stars sliding down
and down

The monkey bars are for
climbing up and joining
the sky and the stars
to slide down again

In this playground
no one plays
until the stars come out
and the sky is dark

In this playground
there is no one
who is there to play with you
and you play all alone
Star BG Jan 12
Rain Rain go away
The Playground is a ghost town
who’s for dominoes

want to play twister
let us play marbles
who’s for checker game?
How bout duck duck goose.

Rain Rain go away
Jack and jill want outside play
Their fate isn’t to fall.
haiku bookends with last line possibilities in middle
A M Ryder Dec 2018
We aren't on the playground anymore
There are new rules
We have to be mature but
Mustn't lose the spirit of childlike wonder
What is love anyways?
Maybe it's supposed to break all the rules
Life is short
When two people find each other
What should stand in their way?
I think we love who we love and
There just isn't a **** thing that can be done about it
Sarafina Nov 2018
If there were more swings you could join us,
So you get back some childhood memories
Enjoy the feeling of flying highs,
As well as the breeze in your face.

The beautiful landscape pulses the heart
It dress embodies health and longevity
From above everything was illuminated
By light which energizes the flowers.

The view of the sky has always amazed me as a child,
The freedom of swinging helped me gain self confidence,
Swings were my favorite in the playground,
And they will always be a part of my memories.

When swings are parallel their mouths are on fire
Their laughter as birds on a tree
Their coming together means “the world” to them,
and they’ll always be grateful for this.
My first poem
Star BG Nov 2018
I shall choose to romp around, in a playground of love.
Where heart sprouts etheric wings to fly.
Where breath intermingles with rays of sun.

I shall choose to expand, in the playground of earth.
Where heart opens to sing in harmony.
Where breath carries wisdom to bond with self.

I shall choose to dance with grace in playground of love.
Where heart beats with tempos grand.
Where breath tickles lungs to awaken dreams.

Yes I shall choose to celebrate on earths playground
The place I came to explore, before returning home.
Saw the word choose and felt like using it in a poem.
Isaac Sep 2018
Mankind was born
Once this universe was set up,
Designed by God
As a playground to explore.
I believe the universe
Will never get packed up,
And that when we reach the end,
There will always be more.
Written 26 September 2018
Angela Liyanto Sep 2018
I see carefree girls play and triumph in zest and fun
Their bubbly eyes can speak no more innocence
Their fringes and locks of blonde hair twirl around
In all lightness! They keenly feel the grass beside their feet.

When there was an empty trampoline beside them
They hurled! with mighty shout and fired the deepest seat
And jumped! without doubt or rue or cry or fury
Where childhood bends the need for drowsy yawns.

Away! They hurled on the nets! Their dumb skirts like garments flow!
Their red faces greeted each other: running, amidst the grass
Around the metal hoops and under the trees, forlorn and deep
The message of youth being played, battled before me!

I sit in baked silence: at the balcony in the noise of the distant cheers
The rally of Hope's victories - running times is so sweet!
I learn to love their youth so dear, when childhood wasn't fit for me
Pulling time as close to youth, how fleeting at dawn it is.
Children’s voices crying out
and laughing loud and clear
Like an orchestra of sound
for everyone to hear

The bass starts first, parental leave
gives go ahead to play
The marching beat as kids go forth
and out into the day

A trumpet hail for company
is raised from door to door
The flute returns, the oboe too
accompanied by more

The fun begins on strings and swings
go back and forth with speed
All cares and woes are flung away
percussion takes the lead

A drumroll raises up the stakes
a dangerous new move
Chromatic scales, gymnastic fails
the cymbal’s sharp reprove

The roundabout reveals the chorus
repeating the refrain
The highs, the lows and all between
All voices sing again

The seesaw conversation starts
bassoons begin up high
The oboes and an English horn
ascend into the sky

A far away note penetrates
the happy symphony
A lone voice trills with increased speed
and calls out ‘Time for Tea’

As kids go home the conductor
Bows and takes his leave
The park is left in quietness
notes floating in the breeze
astraea Aug 2018
summer nights are best spent with you.
greedily scarfing down ice cream,
watching our feet touch the sky from old playground swings.

and the ones in your mom’s car
-the soft music, the hard music
singing to melodies that we’ll never know.

each night, we feel each’s wishes.
i, i want to give you fairs, and cotton candy,
and hold your hand as we walk along the sidewalk.

i want to twirl you around,
because though we’re very summer friends
i want to keep you forever.

our feet scrape the gravel,
toes tap the sidewalk,
noses breathe in the air.

distinctly, i remember something
-us in a concert,
our shoulders brushing as we danced.

i remember laughing with you in the water,
because i hated being short,
so naturally i had to climb you.

i remember every year
we laugh away these nights,
until they become memories.

they, were, definitely,
polaroid worthy.
you’d give a blank look.

and then spring would come again,
and we’d be sitting in your mom’s car,
watching the sunset again.

remember this?
for my friends (keekya)
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